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Where We Talk About All The Things We Don't Want To

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Ok, didn't happen here
Ok, didn't happen here

I refrained for a couple days for writing a post about this Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra business. Generally, unless you're a trained journalist, you put one of these up out of emotion or reaction and then you end up looking like an idiot when more news comes out on the subject. You want to gather all your thoughts before you write something about what is a very important and dangerous subject.

Here's what I know: Luis Suarez can be kind of a tool. You wouldn't bite someone if you weren't. However, Patrice Evra is a bigger tool, and there's ample evidence of this. Although, one could easily argue that fighting with Raymond Domenech is just the sensible thing to do. Then again, maybe a fucking WORLD CUP isn't the time to take out your personal frustrations. And this isn't the first time that Evra has cried, "Wolf!" on this matter. The Offside chronicles it pretty heavily. I don't know how many times you get to do so before you lose any credibility. And Evra is a known hothead. Moreover, while he claims that the ref heard it all, the report says that Andrew Mariner was advised of it after the match. So which is it?

However, Evra wants to continue on with the claims. I don't know if that's because there's something he seriously wants punished here,or he's trying to save face. I honestly don't. I watched the match, I'm not a lip reader but I bet i could figure out what was a clear slur if it's so easy to see. I didn't. But we've all watched sports, and we definitely know when one player suggests to another what he might spend his evening doing. Secondly, if the ref or assistant heard it, wouldn't they have reacted and punished Suarez right there and then? Probably not, I've only ever seen this happen once, and it involved a Liverpool player. Momo Sissoko was in an argument in a Champions League match, I want to say Standard Liege but correct me if I'm wrong. The opponent said something with the ref right there, who took about .3 seconds to brandish a red card. It was pretty obvious what happened there. I can't remember seeing it anywhere else.

I hope it isn't true. If it is,there's no way I could color it to ever have respect for Suarez again or ever support him. I know most Liverpool supporters would, but I wouldn't. I would root against him I guess, but that kind of ugliness just has no place in society, much less football. I don't care if you're trying to get an opponent off his game, it's not how you do it. But in all probability Suarez would face a lengthy ban, and I wouldn't have to worry about his dilemma that much.

But if it isn't true, than Evra needs to face a stern punishment too. Because even if no evidence has found, he has already sullied Suarez's character with the accusation and poisoned an already barely-balanced atmosphere at these matches between United and Liverpool. Whatever happens, what kind of reception do you think Suarez is going to get at Old Trafford? And then there will be back and forth, and it could get poisonous. And Evra is responsible for that. There should be consequences if he's needlessly so.

-On the other side of the ledger, the families of the 96 may finally get some answers. Some documents long held under wraps will be released soon. However, not before they go through a committee or two, which could do anything to them. As removed as I feel from this, sadly, I can't believe that no one has ever been held responsible for this awful calamity (which is basically what it was). I can only pray that someone is while those who need to see that happen are still around.