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A Scouse Nation turns its eyes to you.
A Scouse Nation turns its eyes to you.

First, it must be said in the issue of fairness that Roy Hodgson was kind of in an impossible position here. No one else would take this job, the club was in ruins, and for sale, and he was given a two-year deal which certainly didn't lend an air of authority to anything. At his age, and with his resume, when a club like ours comes calling I don't know how you say no, even though alarm bells should have gone off that he was the only candidate.

That doesn't mean he didn't stinkfist this team right into the ground, because he did.

I've been airing my grievances all season, there's no point in rehashing them now. So let's look ahead. For those who are going to deride the hiring of King Kenny as "Newcastle The Sequel", I can't say there isn't an inkling of that. But whereas Newcastle returned to Kevin Keegan, who has never, ever been a good manager but always a good quote, at least Dalglish comes with a resume. An aged one, but a resume nonetheless. I have no idea if he has modern tactics or a handle on how to deal with the modern player, especially those with such morale as the ones at Liverpool today, but what I do know is that I can't envision the team quitting on him the way the did with Hodgson. His name carries weight to this day, and because he's been working at the club all in the squad should be aware of what he means.

Do I know if it will work? No idea. What I do know is at least there's a reason to watch now, and a reason to be excited to, and there wasn't before. Let's be satisfied with that for now.