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Blackburn Singing In The Dead Of Night

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The last thing I need is more reminders of how awful a season it's been and how horrific it is to be a supporter these days.  The latest came when I sat down to write this preview, and was fully prepared to expound on how much I think Blackburn suck and how glad I am that they rid us of Sam Allardyce, and then I see they have the same amount of points we do.  And that wasn't good enough for them, and they fired their manager, and yet here we are.....HULK SMASH!!!!

The first encounter between these two this season was a barely memorable affair where the Reds snapped a long winless streak and Torres scored and so did Kyrgiakos which made everyone think he's useful when he's not and....sorry, angry rambling again.  Anyway, things aren't going all that well for Blackburn at the moment.  They're coming off a sound beating at the hands of Sunderland, which followed a victory over West Brom and three straight losses.  While Rovers' owners are picturing Sevilla North or something and have tried to lure Ronaldinho and David Beckham to Ewood Park (hilarious, I know), on the ground they're still the grind it out, hide the children outfit they were under Fat, Loud, Arrogant Sam.  Give away too many free kicks and Morten Gamst Pedersen will hurt you.  Chris Samba returns to form the definition of a battering ram central defense with Ryan Nelson.  Past that, I can't help you.  Diouf will run around and dive and complain.  Brett Emerton always seems to play well against us, but he's off at the Asian Cup.  This team is missing some nine regulars, and really, this is a team you should see off if you're a barely competent squad. 

Luckily for Rovers, we're not.  I'd love to tell you Roy will stick with Agger and Aurelio in the backline, because it really makes such a huge difference in how we play. i.e. actually try and play.  But seeing as how we're away from Anfield Roy will once again fill his pants at his delusion of an aerial threat and force Menelaus into the fold ahead of Agger, and he'll also figure being away from Anfield will be good for Konchesky.  With Meireles out, he should have no choice to start Gerrard even with that Old Trafford date looming.  My guess is he picks one of Ngog or Torres, but not both together.  But that would mean starting Poulsen or even Shelvey or someone else, so maybe Babel gets a run out which isn't the worst idea in the world.  Expect Kuyt and Maxi on the "wings".

Is this finally the time Liverpool assert themselves away from home?  I really want to say so.