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Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

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I'm not smiling.
I'm not smiling.


I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up all weekend, but I wanted the dust to settle before I even tried to comprehend what is happening at our favorite club today. And I still can't make sense of it. There are just so many conflicting reactions all I want to do is lie down.

So I'll take them in order, if I can. First, I'm pretty close to disgusted by the timing and demeanor of Fernando Torres's departure. When I first started this blog, I wanted to call it "Guns N' Torres", but now I see why SB Nation nixed that (guess I'll have to change the sub-banner now). This entitlement to Champions League football that players have today is just disturbing. Torres never had it at Atletico, and was away from it for one half of a season. Instead of getting his head down and working toward getting Liverpool back amongst the elite, he pretty much just eyed the exit door and waited for things to get shitty enough that he could justify getting out of dodge as quick as possible. Sure, there were myriad other problems but Torres takes his share of blame. Leaving at the 11th hour forced us to scramble for a replacement so we can accomplish anything this season (more on that in a bit). On the other side, the incredibly tight window of it all probably did drive up the value, as Chelsea needed to get this deal done now. So I'm completely in a twist.

I also just can't settle with what this says about Pool. Even two years ago we never would have dreamed of selling any player to a club we considered a competitor. Are we officially the second tier now? I guess we have been for a while and I just didn't want to believe it. Or is this just smart business, squeezing as much cash as we can from our most valuable asset to rebuild the squad in the places it needs it (maybe)?  We won't have an answer to that for a while.

For what's coming in? I can't describe 35 million for Andy Carroll as anything other than lunacy. Yes, he's 22, and yes he's more than just the battering ram he sometimes is described as. Maybe you're paying partly for potential here, and Liverpool needed some striker to replace the one going. Maybe Carroll will really blossom with superior talent around him (assuming he can stay out of jail). But there are so many questions and no answers on this one. Was there no one else who'd be more of a sure thing?

Charlie Adam looks to me to be Liverpool's first attempt at replacing Gerrard (at this point Adam is not official). Our captain is 30, and only Ryan Giggs can seemingly bend away the ravages of time. But what now? Is Gerrard going back to that free role from the right? Is Lucas going? Again, no answers.

At the end, there's always an excitement when the club is going to have a new look, which this team definitely will with the additions of Carroll, Adam, and Suarez. All of them also have years to go, so something can be built around them if they're up for it. I knew Torres was going, but didn't let myself believe it, but I guess for three pieces it's not disaster.

On the other side, this is the first time as a supporter I've seen Liverpool spend crazy money. While this may be the only way to compete these days, does it sit totally well? We'll never outspend Chelsea or City, so can it work? And doesn't it feel just a bit off? To just be another slobbering force of a club that throws around cash most clubs don't have? I don't know. I guess when Carroll scores his first goal on a pass from Suarez, I won't care at all.

What a day.