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Liverpool v. Fulham livethread

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PDA - Interpol (via nananeri)


I have to sit behind the bar today, so I won't be watching this (no FSC in my bar), but I think we should win it ( I mean, a win and we're challenging for Europa league spots. huzzah). As usual, I'll put the lineup under, and where I think they'll be. Leave your thoughts below! We do appreciate them. I did notice Lucas is out- everyone needs a break sometimes, and Poulsen will less likely be a catastrophe in defense than in attack. I've also tried to capture what happens when the mids push past Torres on the attack.


In defense (4-1-4-1):


Kelly/Johnson                                                        Agger Skrtel                                   Kelly/Johnson



Kuyt                                                                Gerrard                             Meireles                                 Maxi


In attack (4-3-3):



Kelly/Johnson                                                        Agger     Skrtel                                   Kelly/Johnson



Kuyt                                                                                                                           Maxi


                                                                             Torres                                                                                                                                                                      Meireles                                     Gerrard        

(the identity of the attackers will change, mind you- probably Kuyt and Meireles will rotate most)