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Sorry, We Threw Out That Thing You Gave Us: Liverpool v. Fulham Preview

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I didn't break my thumb, I just wanted something heavier to hit my national team coach with.
I didn't break my thumb, I just wanted something heavier to hit my national team coach with.

Now that Kenny Dalglish's first three points are in the bag, it is time to build on that and get Liverpool streaking for the first time this season (you can wear your green hat!). It can start by facing a team at Anfield that simply is abysmal on the road in Fulham. I wonder how they got so awful away from home, how could that have happened? They have one win when not at Craven Cottage all season. One. This is the kind of thing I used to make fun of, except then it happened to us and I can't any more. I'm out of ammo.

Fulham come in off a 2-0 victory at home against Stoke, where Deuce Deuce Dempsey had both goals. The thought of him and Hangeland on set pieces today gives me the chills, but Liverpool have been a little better on that of late. Fulham could be without Aaron Hughes and Dickson Ethuhu, who is an expert at kicking our midfielders everywhere up to and including the changing rooms. I've also found Andrew Johnson to be a royal pain in the ass if he gets the start, which is likely with another pain in the ass in Bobby Zamora out injured.  That said, I've kind of always though Mark Hughes was overrated as a manager. If he were half as good as he thinks he is, he'd be all right. But he only found moderate success with Blackburn, and they were dirtier than a drunken badger (drunken badger's level of sportsmanship to be determined officially later, but I'm guessing it's probably pretty low).

The Pool get back Steven Gerrard today, and we'll have to see how Dalglish will accommodate him and Meireles, who's been excellent in his absence. Most likely it'll be a return to that 4-1-4-1 we saw to start at Old Trafford, with Lucas the only holder. On the wings any number of things could happen, with Joe Cole or Jovanovic coming in to provide a good laugh. I'd love to see Aurelio get back on the left as well, as a left foot from somewhere is generally required at some point in a match.

Whatever lineup the manager chooses, guiding a team with some newfound verve against one that pisses down its leg every time it's away from home should see a resounding victory. I'm expecting nothing less, and hopefully the vibes really start to carry over. The Reds won't play for another week after having the music stopped on our FA Cup run and having to sit out the rest, so don't let us stew over another bad loss for seven days?