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Decisions, Decisions

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I still don't think you're very good.
I still don't think you're very good.

Much like me at Wendy's when hungover, Ryan Babel couldn't decide what he wanted. Yesterday morning Kenny Dalglish told us he was staying, which was actually just fine with me as I still think he could provide more than Maxi Rodriguez or Dirk Kuyt, and everyone seems to have a new lease on life under The King. But then in the afternoon it all turned around and he was headed to Hoffenheim. In the free scoring Bundesliga, I'm sure Babel will, if not thrive, do well. I hope he does. Though he was a disappointment here, I'm not convinced it was all his fault, and he can't help his price tag.

Meanwhile, the Luis Suarez saga continues on, and generally when things go this long I don't expect them to get closed. Call it my Simao Complex. Apparently Ajax want double what Liverpool are offering, if the reports are to be believed. Just from the outside, I have to believe Suarez could and should be a 20-million pound player. But considering he wants out, I should think 15 would get it done. Then again, if they wait until summer and try and getting a bidding war going with a few clubs with a bigger window, anything could happen. I want Suarez, but I don't want our new owners to get bent over a barrel on their first transfer activity, either.

There's also the continuing saga of Charlie Adam. I won't lie, I haven't seen much of Blackpool this season but when I have Adam looks a real treat. Blackpool are in a different position than Ajax, though, where any pile of money is probably pretty welcome. Adam has handed in his request, and I wonder how long the board will let Holloway hold out before they can't see past their erection that the offered cash is causing. Not sure where Adam fits in this side, though. Lucas has been fine, and Adam isn't a simple, holding midfielder either. Meireles is really starting to produce, and then there's Steven Gerrard as well. That's only one holding mid and three attacking ones with the addition of Adam. A nice problem to have for sure, but they all are going to want games.  We shall see.