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So Much For That: Blackpool 2 - Liverpool 1

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Same old song and dance, boys?
Same old song and dance, boys?

I've been meaning to get to this all day but I kept watching that live video of Metallica instead. I was finally able to get past it now.

I've read some other blogs about yesterday's game, and I'm not sure I was watching the right one. From what I read, Liverpool were once again timid, insipid, careless, and doomed to lose. The game I watched saw a Liverpool side with more thrust than we've shown in a lot of away dates, created more chances (though not enough), and while not defensively lockdown were not leaky.

But whatever I saw, and what you saw, Liverpool lost, and it isn't acceptable.

I thought Torres showed as much snarl and desire as he has all year. But we lost. And it was his misplaced pass that force Meireles into a hurried touch that gave the ball away for Blackpool's equalizer.

I know some were upset at starting Johnson on the left side, and I think it tells you how little Dalglish thinks of Paul Konchesky. For me, I'd rather see an out of position Johnson than Konsucky any day of the week. But we lost.

Dalglish clearly is going to do away with the 4-4-2 and opt for a 4-1-4-1, and it's lead to more fluid play. But we lost.

So I don't know what to say here. Blackpool had their periods of play and carrying the game, but they've done that to a lot of teams this season. But I don't recall Pepe Reina having to bat away a charging horde of goalbound shots. Both goals came from defensive breakdowns for sure, but the first could be chalked up just as much to bad luck as Agger got a tackle in and Taylor-Fletcher (who looks a real twat) was fortunate to have it rebound off of him in perfect harmony.

But results have to change. But I think with passion and the aggressiveness that we saw yesterday, they will. But maybe the color of the sky is different in my world.