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Continuing the theme- Liverpool v. Blackpool open thread

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Hello Boys, and statistically possible girl.

Today we play Blackpool, and as Sam lined out below, we should probably win this in an entertaining fashion. While we're wishing for things that will never happen, I wish I had an SSK.  While it's probably not that dire, it will be interesting to see if we push up the pitch or not. I'll have the squad after the jump, and a couple of thoughts on it when I process it. As usual, post your match thoughts below.

Via LFCTV (the positioning is my own and an estimate)


                                            Kelly                                Agger          Skrtel                                



                                        Poulsen                     , Meireles,                     Jovanovic,                                    




Subs: Gulacsi, Kyrgiakos, Konchesky, Ngog, Wilson, Maxi, Shelvey.