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Color Our World Blackpool

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Tomorrow is when we'll find out a lot more about what Liverpool will be under King Kenny.  This being an away game, even to Blackpool, we can be sure Roy would have sent out the troops to defend, defend, defend, and if we grabbed a goal so much the better.  We know this because we saw it at worse teams, like Blackburn, Wigan, and fucking name your away match.

Consider Kenny went into Old Trafford at least trying to defend with a high line, you have to believe he'll do so at Bloomfield Road.  With the match coming so closely on the heels of the last one, I wonder if Daniel Agger and Fabio Aurelio can make it, with the Merseyside Derby coming on Sunday.  I'm sure Dalglish would prefer that, as he clearly wants the team to build from the back and you can't do that with Menelaus leaping into every challenge he can't win.  Here's hoping.

Blackpool, if nothing else, are entertaining as all hell.  They have three players who have managed five goals or more in the league, and Ian Halloway is going to let it all hang out wherever it may end up.  Right now, it's ended up tied with us in points.  They'll be in their normal 4-3-3 with the speedy DJ Campbell spearheading, so using Kyrgiakos would make even less sense.

With Gerrard suspended, the safe choice would be to slot Joe Cole behind either Torres or Ngog, whoever makes it.  Dalglish is clearly high on Jonjo Shelvey, and though I've never seen why he's also never been in his preferred central role, so maybe now's the time to trot that out.  Meireles is only just back from injury, can he make three in a week?  I'd expect  Babel to get a start somewhere too, hopefully for Maxi Rod-wastoftime, or maybe Dirk Kuyt, whose touch and pace are getting worse by the second.

Dalglish has had a few days to work with the team now, we'll get a better idea of what he's trying to get across.  I really hope, and kind of expect, Liverpool to come out and fire at it tomorrow.  If everyone's problem with Roy was partly due to his caution and lack of imagination, Kenny's too wise to follow down the same path.  A win would move Pool up to a tie for 7th, and though that part of the table is a logjam, let's just see where three straight wins might leave us.  It'd be a new trick this season.