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When You Lose Touch WIth Reality

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Just a general post today about the utter ridiculousness of the selections of Russia and Qatar to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.  I long ago stop expecting FIFA to work on any sort of normal plane that had any grounding in reality, so why I'm surprised at yesterday's events is a mystery.  And yet, I watched -- or I tried to during Sepp Blatter's meanderings but my eyeballs kept bleeding -- and just felt my heart sink.

Unless Russia has a plan to keep every team in one city for at least the group stage, how are fans like you and me supposed to follow our team around the tournament?  There isn't anything short of a three hour flight between cities.  Now, if  you're a FIFA executive with the Net Jets account, what the fuck do you care?  That's the plebians' problem.  Not to mention the complete blind eye that the committee turned to what are at least curious Russian government policies to free press, regulation, and poverty.  I won't pretend to be an expert on everything that goes on in Mother Russia, but I seem to read a story about a journalist being attacked pretty regularly.  If FIFA views football as more than a game, how can they reward this?  And they do, otherwise why have Yugoslavia thrown out of Euro 92 for a war?

Then, we get to Qatar, a filthy rich country that has the capability to build what they boast for sure.  But it is tiny, and can it really handle an almost doubling of its population for the tournament?  Secondly, though the stadiums may be air conditioned that doesn't mean the entire country will be.  But again, if you're going from your AC suite to your stretch limo to your box at the stadium, what would you care if people like you and be are sweating off a testicle?

I always squirm at those who bring up security, because rarely do those who want to make trouble do so at such an obvious target with its beefy security.  But still, bringing the tournament to the heart of the Middle East seems to be pushing it.  Then again, Brazil isn't exactly the happiest place on Earth right now either. 

Any of the other choices would have been safe, fine, and a good time for all.  Shame I'm overdosing on logic.