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This is all the news we have.
This is all the news we have.

Admit it, there's a part of you that's kind of relieved you haven't had to stress over watching Liverpool in like three weeks. By the time Liverpool emerge from the tunnel on Wednesday at home against Wolves, it'll have been nearly three weeks since our last league fixture, that capitulation at St. James' Park.

I wonder how having two and a half weeks with the squad will allow Roy Hodgson to shape it as he sees fit. He's been quoted as saying this isn't his team yet, and that's probably more to do with composition of the squad than application. But he's had nothing but training sessions for weeks now to get across whatever ideas he might have. Do I think anything will change? No, I still expect limp-ass away performances where Roy just tried to prevent the roof from caving in. But a boy can hope.

-I always get excited for these Arsenal v. Chelsea clashes, and then Chelsea kick them upside the head. Even though I have many issues with Arsenal, they're the team I'd like to see win the title most. Yes, their players are a bunch of babies who snap a ligament in a stiff breeze. Yes, their American supporters are some of the more obnoxious around (and I really only say that because my college roommate is an ardent Gooner). But whereas a title triumph by City, United, or Chelsea would just speak to financial might, an Arsenal one would speak to development and team building, which is the route was as Pool supporters kind of have to hope for. It would be nice to see that it can be done.

That said, I'm sure Chelsea win 3-1 today.