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Thoughts From A Nut In The Snow

Joe Cole in action, in case you forgot what it looked like.
Joe Cole in action, in case you forgot what it looked like.

With a canceled match and nothing until the Festive Period (that can actually sound kind of gross), I have nothing much to write other than some thoughts floating around in this dead time.

-Hodgson came out today and said that Liverpool may not be so busy in the January transfer market. I know some will go apoplectic over this, but it makes sense. It's hard to make impact buys in the middle of the season. Clubs don't want to let go of important players as they chase their goals, and players are either cup-tied or not willing to make a lateral move to a non-Champions League club. Liverpool, I'm sure under the direction of NESV, are going to look young, as they should. All the additions this year have been of the aged variety, and most of them will have to be cleared sooner rather than later. Liverpool are not going to be able to compete with the Chelsea's, United's, and City's of the world financially, so they'll have to buy and develop. That might not be possible in January.

-I know some have worried that the recent Red Sox splash-out on Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford could affect LFC's finances. For those who don't know, the Red Sox essentially print money. They own their own network, have a hold over an entire region, and though they have the smallest stadium in baseball it's also the most expensive to attend. They are an extremely profitable venture, and I doubt a couple free agent signing affect anything NESV plans to do with our favorite football club.

-Does anyone else just want Carlos Tevez to go away? He hasn't stopped complaining about one thing or another since he washed up at West Ham. I'm sorry Madrid doesn't want you right now, ugly, but shut the fuck up. And what any executive could have done to make life so hellish when you make 200k a week, well, I'd like to have that problem. He's obviously a weird dude, but keep the microphones away from him.

-Rafa's up to his old tricks again, basically begging to be fired. He'd quit if he could keep his money. It's the same thing he did here. Why he would take such an impossible job is anyone's guess, but there was only one way for Inter to go, and it wasn't up. Even if he kept them there, he wouldn't get any credit. We owe a lot to Rafa, but his selfish rantings and woe-is-me attitude are not missed in the least.

-The Festive Period (again, gross) is simply going to define the Reds season, if it all gets played. Fulham at home, Blackpool away, Wolves at home, and Blackburn away should see most if not all points bagged. Yes, Blackpool already beat us at Anfield but Liverpool have improved since then. Hopefully, Roy really goes for it, and even though a home date with a tasty Bolton side will not be easy, of those 15 points 13 should be grabbed. Nothing short of that. If the Reds do so, well, it could at least be an interesting ending to the season. If they don't, well, basically wake us up for the United match in the FA Cup and whenever we play someone interesting in Europa.