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Cue Steven Tyler...: Steaua 1 - Liverpool 1

"It's the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend."

While there is a temptation to stamp and rage at today's performance, there are two factors keeping me from doing so.  1. It's the Europa League, and I don't think any of us care until the round of 16 at the earliest and 2. it was the B-team, containing a midfield of Shelvey and Poulsen so what was it ever going to be?

But again, in a thoroughly dross affair, Liverpool were the better team in the first half, scored first, and then after the interval wore a giant sign that said "Right this way!" that invited the opponent on to them more and more until a goofus mistake leads to a goal.  Yes, it should have been offsides but Reina clearly would have stopped that shot normally while under the influence of meth.  After that the game pretty much petered out with only Menelaus hitting the bar off a corner.


-I really wanted Pacheco to have a great game, which he didn't.  But on the road in Eastern Europe with that talent around him on that pitch it was always asking too much, especially as he hasn't seen any first team action since Northampton.  He wasn't awful, but not great either.  I'd love to see more, but I won't.

-It's kind of startling how quickly Jovanovic worked himself out of the side, and I wonder why.  While he does appear to be Dirk Kuyt II (effort over talent) and maybe doesn't track back the way Roy would like, he at least doesn't kill you.  And is Maxi really so much better?  He had a good game today and got the goal, and should probably be getting more of a chance.

-Joe Cole played, so they say.  As far as i could tell he biffed one golden chance and ran around a lot.

-Babel has some bright moments at his preferred forward spot, and other dark ones.  As you'd expect from someone who'd played 20 minutes in the past four years or whatever.

-Danny Wilson didn't kill anybody, and that's good.

-Please, please start Aurelio on Monday.  Please?  I'll be your best friend...

-I didn't have a stroke while watching Poulsen and Shelvey.  This is a victory.

That is all.