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I Think I Had An Infection In My Utrecht Once

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Couldn't agree more, Fernando.
Couldn't agree more, Fernando.

Liverpool tonight embark on a pretty meaningless game...scratch that, totally meaningless game.  They've already secured a top spot in the group, which I think means they won't catch a Champions League club in the next round.  Or maybe it does.  Does it matter?  Anyway, for some reason Roy Hodgson is promising to throw out a pretty strong lineup for the match.

There are arguments for this.  Fernando Torres needs the form another match could provide, as could Dirk Kuyt.  Menelaus and Skittles probably could use the match to find more understanding, if that's even possible.  Ryan Babel could get another chance to impress up front, where he was pretty decent against Villa.  Also, this is Kuyt's first club and he probably would love to play against them. 

But for me, there are bigger questions to answer.  Dani Pacheco should be given a try to see if he can make any sort of impact this season.  Danny Wilson deserves a chance to see if he wouldn't be a more viable alternative to the misplaced battering ram that is Kyrgiakos.  Could he possibly be worse?  Jonjo Shelvey apparently will get another run-out, but if he's not in the middle I don't know what the point would be, he's been an abortion on the wing in his two appearances.  Couldn't Jay Spearing make a case tonight to have Christian Poulsen put to sleep? 

Then again, these days I should just be thankful there's a match that Liverpool don't have to take that seriously.  But there's no winning this one.  An easy win?  It was a meaningless night.  A poor performance?  Howls of derision, even though it was a pointless exercise.  Oh to be a Pool supporter these days.