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I Make A Lot Of Graphs

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I'm a bit new to this, but I think this blog would be an excellent chance for me, and hopefully you, to explore some more extensive statistical and visual analysis.  Anyway, here is the chart demonstrating where Liverpool made their interceptions of Chelsea possession on Sunday:

by Guardian ChalkboardsFor those who have complained about how narrow Roy Hodgson plays things, here's Exhibit A.  Only once did Liverpool steal possession on a wing in their own half.  Considering where everyone must be starting when defending, it's going to be very hard for those players to get wide when possession is gained.  You'll also see the amount of interceptions that Gerrard, Lucas, and Meireles make close to their own box, letting you know just how deep Liverpool got in the second half.  Granted, this is when protecting a lead against one of the better sides in the world, there was always going to be some backs to the wall stuff.

Additonally, I think it'd be fun to see just how active Lucas was and where his tackles took place.  by Guardian Chalkboards -Another note. Now that the hacks have tired of trying to pry Fernando Torres out of Liverpool, they've decided they like the whole Spanish theme and have moved on to dry humping Pepe Reina. Arsenal or United or supposedly the destinations. While the truth may be different, Liverpool still consider themselves in the realm of these two. They are competitors. To sell one of the best keepers in the world to one of them would announce once and for all that you're a second class club. Maybe that's the truth, that Chelsea and City's finances have moved the goal posts so far that Liverpool will never get there. But I doubt they affirm that with such a sale.