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Across The Breeze: Liverpool 3 - West Ham 0

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First off, let me apologize for a half assed preview, but I was out of town and using a lap top that has all the working capability of the pedophile from Family Guy, and basically got frustrated with it and chucked it.  I'll do better in the future.

Then again, that game didn't need much of a preview as it wasn't much of a match.  You knew where it was going within about five minutes.  Glen Johnson's opener was about as cataclysmic and occurrence as going to the store.  It was heartening to see the Pool actually play attractive stuff and move the ball and themselves and look dangerous.  But how much can we learn from playing West Ham, who were simply awful?  They didn't get within five yards of any attacking Liverpool player.  How do you chest down and finish a corner?  Maxi Rodriguez had literally 10 yards of space for his header.  He almost couldn't miss (though if anyone could...). 

It still burns my ass that Avram Grant somehow got one over us in the Champions League those years ago, though with great help from John Arne Riise (you really needed to head that ball six inches off the ground?).  It would have provided us with a Champions League Final against United that probably would have defined our decade.  And though the Chelsea team probably did it themselves, based on evidence from his stewarding of Portsmouth or West Ham, it's rankles me.  Because this Hammers squad is helpless.


-Konchesky with an assist and you know you're playing a side that is simply unfortunate.  Then again, he needed Maxi to have enough space to be described as "grazing space" to find him.

-Poulsen didn't cause anyone to stab themselves.  Moving in the right direction.

-Ngog actually held the ball up. 

-Speaking of which, how much better do Torres and Ngog look when you provide them with support?  There are plenty of talented strikers around who can't act as a lone ranger and be the target/outlet guy for a team bunkered down awaiting the onslaught.  Neither Torres or Ngog are.  I hope Roy learned this for the trip to White Hart Lane, and will risk getting completely tonked to provide himself with the best chance to win.  But who honestly sees that happening?

-Meireles did look better in his natural position as I thought he would, but the word "force" probably wouldn't apply just yet.

-We'll learn so much more at White Hart Lane on Sunday, and we'll all be watching hiding behind our collective couches.

-Finally, it was good to return to the Phoenix Landing in Cambridge for a match, as during my college days that's when my fandom really became cemented as I blew off class to watch our entire "Treble 2001" run from there.  Sadly, the viewing Liverpool party contains way more easy on the eye females than it ever did then, now that I'm back home in Chicago.