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Hammer Time? Liverpool V. West Ham

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I'm going to end up regretting this, I just know it, but even without Steven Gerrard, Lucas, Spearing, and really any other talent on board Liverpool should still be able to beat whatever it is that's parading around as West Ham United these days.  But then again, I've said that about Blackpool.  And Stoke.  And all the other joker outfits that Liverpool have found a way to go completely balls up against.

As I said, Pool will be without their first choice central midfield partnership.  Most likely, Poulsen wll team wth Meireles, or will at least be on the same field as him when he can't complete a pass or come within five yards of attempting any sort of interception or tackle.  There's been some talk of maybe moving Jonjo Shelvey there, which could set a new Premier league record for unintentional comedy.  Whatever they are, the options are not pleasing.  Meireles had better be as good as I think he can be and then some.

In defense, both Glen Johnson and Fabio Aurelio could return, and anything that keeps Paul Konchesky from my eyeballs will be greatly appreciated.  One imagines Carrager and the now piss-down-his-leg Martin Skrtel

I'd write up a whole West Ham preview, but let's be honest.  They suck, and I'm not a talented enough writer to dress up extra paragraphs to elegantly describe why they do.