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60 Minutes And We Had A Deal, Fabio

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Yes, I fear losing whatever little cred I had by quoting 10 Things I Hate About You, but you were all going to find out I was a complete dork soon enough anyway.

I wrote on Tuesday that I thought these internationals were a complete waste of time, and I guess if the FA was looking to ruin Liverpool's season then maybe it wasn't.  Apparently, Liverpool's fitness staff had an agreement with England that Gerrard was only going to play 60 minutes with what was supposed to be an experimental side anyway.  So there he was limping off in the 85th minute in either an egregious counting error or Fabio doesn't know how to read a watch.  Granted, the $3K watch he probably sports can be a little confusing at times, what with their many dials and the like.

So now Gerrard is out for a month, and Liverpool are without half of their axis of competence.  Considering Lucas was playing in Qatar yesterday, the midfield on Saturday could have hilarious potential. 

If there's one silver lining, and there isn't, it's that at least Raul Meireles will now play in his favored central role.  Is he a savior?  No.  Will he be more effective in the middle than he was out "wide" (it's probably not wide when you're all of five feet to the right of the central pair for the entire match)?  Yes.  Liverpool at least come equipped with a player who can fill in for Gerrard, which they didn't have before.

Oh wait a minute!  Yes they did, his name was Alberto Aquilani!  And he should have never been sold in the first place, especially considering that cash was used to bring Joe Cole, Christian Poulsen, and Paul Konchesky to town.  While Il Principino was made of glass, he is a genuinely gifted player who could break a game open, something that Meireles is almost certainly not. 

So Fernando, can you do it on your own?