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Back That *** Up: Wigan v. Liverpool Preview

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It's often said that big wins over top clubs don't mean anything if you can't back it up with another win over a lesser club (sorry Wigan fans, or I would be if there were any of you).  Though cliche, it's probably true.  The good feelings and momentum generated by a thoroughly deserved win over Chelsea will come to a grinding halt if the Reds don't back it up today with a win over Wigan.  And instead of finding Hodgson sort of adorable I'll go back to thinking he's just about to defecate himself.  And the Torres rumors will start again, to join the Reina rumors in a double cheeseburger of misery (mmm, cheeseburger of misery...). 

So let's not go through that, shall we?  Honestly, Wigan should be three points.  This is a team that hasn't won in a month, which was one of two wins in the league all year (the other the definition of a smash and grab at White Hart Lane, before Gareth Bale become Jesus or something).  And yet, there's a hint of a threat with Charles Nzogbia and Hugo Rodallega, or at least when N'zogbia isn't whinging for a move to somewhere else, something that happens every equinox or so.  Roberto Martinez isn't one to sit back, and though they kept Chelsea out that doesn't mean anyone thinks Liverpool's back four is exactly the SAS right now.  Expect Wigan to at least try and see what they can come up with. 

On the other side, Wigan haven't kept a clean sheet since September.  One would think Roy would want to keep the roll going and name as much of an unchanged side as he possibly can.  But that's not possible with as exhausting as Sunday's effort was.  Kuyt is only just back from injury, it's doubtful he can spin back.  Will he trust Martin Kelly again?  Maybe for a team that will require less defending the attacking prowess of Glen Johnson is required.  The centerbacks should stay the same because Wigan don't have the blunt object that Kyrgiakos would act as the....well, whatever repels blunt objects.  I hear mace works.

Torres is always a risk, but I think they probably try it.  Perhaps Shelvey in for Kuyt, and sadly Poulsen may come in for one of the midfield three but I'd really hope Spearing gets a look instead.  I'll find out with you.  Walk on, friends....

Update: I apologize, the game can be seen on Fox Soccer Plus or at Fox