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Welcome Home, Sanitarium

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I have to admit there have been times recently where I have wondered if it wasn't completely insane to start a Liverpool blog at the moment. With all the chaos on and off the field making being a supporter an insufferable experience, why would I choose to follow it closer than ever and attempt to comment? But with new ownership moving Liverpool into a new era, hopefully, perhaps this is the perfect time. So welcome to Anfield Asylum. My name is Sam Fels, and I've been a Red since 1996 when I first fell in love with Steve McManaman during Euro 1996 (sadly no one told me those would be his only decent England performances). I have woken up before dawn in the snow and cold more times than I can count to saunter down to the pub to watch a league game. I have made the trip to Anfield. I have cost myself grades and jobs with my devotion. May 25th, 2005 is a date permanent etched in my memory, as it's the only time I've picked up a fully grown man over my head. A girl broke my heart on the same day that Basle knocked us out of the Champions league in 2002, and I can easily tell you which hurt worst. I am still chafed by the way Houllier treated Robbie Fowler. Steven Gerrard made me dream as a 20-year old. I dearly miss Xabi Alonso, and wish Aquilani hadn't been sold. I hope you're ready for this journey together.

-I'll be back with a Bolton wrap in a bit.