LFC News 6.4.12: Forge Ahead Edition


All things new. Sam's story below sums up how a lot of us feel about the old LFC contingent. Dirk was a very respected member of the LFC family. His workrate and love for all things LFC were...

LFC News 6.1.12: New Beginning Edition


Today marks the beginning for LFC in many different aspects. Brendan Rodgers will be announced bringing with him a solid support staff. Also, the official release of the new Warrior kit is today....

LFC News 5.25.12: Istanbul Edition


Today marks the 7th anniversary of the best comeback in Champions League history. Seems like only yesterday we were all sitting on the edge of our seats during the penalty shoot-out with Milan. ...

AVB to Anfield?


It has been an intriguing last few weeks to be an LFC fan. After the sacking of legend Kenny Dalglish the club has been left in apparent turmoil. Many pundits and fans are asking FSG for a...

LFC News 4.26.12: Is Is Summer Yet? Edition


Every European footy fan knows that as their respective league seasons wind down there is the inevitable onslaught of rumors buzzing around. Everything from players, managers, ownership, and to a...

LFC News 4.20.12: The Return of the Hodgson


The Baggies come to Anfield with former LFC caretaker Roy Hodgson on the touchline. Kenny Dalglish seems to think he'll receive a warm welcome. Perhaps because their Premier League record at LFC...

LFC News 4.13.12: The Apprentice Addition


Well, lots of pink slips delivered by FSG yesterday. I read one tweet yesterday that said they imagined a child sized goal in the LFC board room yesterday and all that were on the chopping block...

LFC News 4.5.12: Dutch Master Edition


Good Morning AA. Host of news today. Hope you enjoy. Be on the lookout for the Villa preview later this week! Dirk to leave this summer via telegraph.co.uk I expect this to happen with his old...

LFC News 3.30.12: Just Win Baby Edition


Good morning AA! Massive match this weekend vs Newcastle. As always prepare yourself for Sam's preview, they are truly one of a kind! Also, expect Adam(Bro) to have a spot on player rating story...

LFC News 3.26.12 : Back to the Future Part 2 Edition


Just when Kenny said he would not include the youngsters at Wigan, well if the senior players aren't cutting it why not? Some new news for a fresh week. Let's put last week behind us. I...

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