Individual Player Items

He Took Our Breath Away: A Look Back At Luis


What we'll remember of Luis Suarez.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Luis Suarez?


Picking through the aftermath of Suarez's bite and subsequent suspension.

How Henderson and Allen Escaped the Pitchforks


The amazing journeys of Jordan Henderson and Joe Allen.

Does Daniel Agger Fit Liverpool's Longterm Plans?


Analysis, Feelings, and Tattoos.

Jordan Henderson: He's Better Than You Think


Jordan Henderson isn't the second coming of Steven Gerrard, but he's still a valuable footballer.

Suarez Does Help Liverpool, Needs to Start


The newest idea that the media is spreading, most notably on TV broadcasts, is that Liverpool are a better team without Luis Suarez. That is absolute rubbish.

Huh? Suarez Wants an Extension?


Color me confused, Uruguayan journalist Martin Charquero claims Suarez not only will be staying, but signing a new contract.

On Second Thought Luis Suarez Can Go to Hell


Thoughts on the most recent crap Suarez's is putting Liverpool through.

A Matter of Perception: Stewart Downing


Stewart Downing was virtually the same player last year that he was in his much maligned 2011/12 season.

2012-2013 Season Review: Raheem Sterling


As last season's poster boy for the blossoming youth movement at Anfield, Raheem Sterling transcended his own boyhood age with his mature play until he understandably wore down in the second half...

The Statistical Development of Lucas


An in depth look at how Lucas has changed as a player this year.

Should He Stay or Should He Go Now...?


Ridiculous amounts of speculation and rumors are swirling about regarding the future of Luis Suarez.

Cue the Liverpool PR Disaster Machine...


Brendan Rodgers and Pepe Reina speak out on the FA's ruling.

Suarez Banned 10 Matches - Shocking


No one can possibly defend Suarez's actions, but likewise the FA cannot possibly defend this ban based on the other recent violent conduct charges and punishments doled out. This is absolutely...

Should Suarez Just Shut Up and Take It?


Suarez has decided that he only deserved the three match ban for biting Ivanovich. Is he right?

Suarez: An Impossible Decision


What to do with Suarez? After letting it all settle, time to react.

We All Dream


Jamie Carragher announces he will retire at the end of the season.

No Love For Reina


Is it time for a change between the Liverpool goalposts?

Pen Pal


My affection for Francesco Totti

Reading Between Squiggly Lines


What's everyone trying to say about Andy Carroll?



Liverpool's strikers go boom.

Sigh: Lucas Out 2-3 Months


Lucas out for months

Raheem Sterling's Immediate Future


How Will Brendan Rodgers Deploy Raheem Sterling?

End of Season Player Rating - Martin Skrtel


A brief look and grade of Martin Skrtel's 2011/12 performance for Liverpool.

End of Season Player Rating - Daniel Agger


A look at Daniel Agger's 2011/12 EPL season

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