Too Close for Comfort: Liverpool 4, Notts County 2

"You know we're not that good, right?" - Laurence Griffiths

Liverpool tried to blow it, but in the end squeezed out a victory in extra time.

Holy crap was that a strong line up.  No one could have faulted Brendan for fielding far more youth that he chose to, but it shows a massive statement of intent that Brendan Rodgers is going to place high importance on a piece of silverware.  Whether this is to cover his own ass or a legitimate piece of tactics remains to be seen.  Sure winning the Mickey Mouse Cup gets you back in Europe, but I am not sure it is the type of Europe that will attract any of the stars that have snubbed Liverpool thus far.

However, this was entirely too close considering the level of players involved.  The last thing they needed was going to extra time before the United match. This is now the third consecutive match where Liverpool have made it entirely more difficult than it should be and give a bit of pause for concern.

On another note, for those of us in the States:  That was the most painful commentary I have every heard in my life.  My mother who knows nothing about Liverpool or football could have done ten times better.  It was beyond abhorrent.  They even called the opening rendition of YNWA "Anfield Road" and it only went downhill from there. I was begging for Gus Johnson and Ian Wright by the end of it.

Some thoughts

-Sturridge did very well to make the room for Sterling to run into for the goal.  Given his recent form the Notts County defense was clinging to Sturridge like a hungry mosquito.

-Massive blow losing Cissokho and Allen.  I don't know what else to say about that.  It's a massive blow from depth and a massive blow from a rest stand point for everyone else.

-Sturridge's first goal was fantastic example of how triangles are the official geometric shape of football.  However, his dance moves have become worse and worse looking more like stuff found on the catwalk and less like dance moves with each goal.  He needs to learn some moves from Crouch.

-Poor Agger (or "Augger" if you're a craptastic beIN sports commentator) just couldn't buy a goal.

-Sterling looks hungry like the wolf...cue the Duran Duran.  However, Ibe was very quiet in the second.

-Wisdom has to be more physical on balls like that.  Sure he was offside, but put a bit more body into him.  However, it is hard to blame him entirely for this, it happened quite quickly and was well worked by Notts County. However, he has to hold the line better, he is wholly at fault for the second.

-Seriously, can we get the posts widened by a few millimeters?  No one will notice.

-Johnson very wasteful overall in possession.

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