Liverpool Player Ratings v. Man City

Jan Kruger

Liverpool created enough chances to at least equalize, but could not find a second goal. It was a frustrating match, but in hindsight it isn't the end of the world to lose at City.


Mignolet - 5 - Mignolet was put in a very difficult position by his defense with Negredo slipped in on goal, but it seemed like he could have done a bit better. The sight of a ball dribbling into the net will always reflect poorly on a keeper.

Johnson - 6 - Johnson hasn't been at the top of his game since he came back from injury and this match was no exception. Sure, there were moments when Johnson burst down the right wing, but unfortunately this led to mad scrambles when he was dispossessed, leading on one occasion to a yellow card.

Sakho - 6 - Sakho was solid aside from an odd ten minute stretch in the second half when he forgot how to control and pass the ball.

Skrtel - 4 - Skrtel began the year in excellent form, but the player who shut down United is just a memory right now. He played a role in both goals and seems to have forgotten how to defend set pieces. There are simply better options at center back right now, and if Rodgers remains stubborn with his rejection of Daniel Agger, then he can always turn to Kolo Toure. However, one positive for Skrtel is that his shirt tugging habit has driven one of the NBC announcers to near lunacy.

Cissokho - 5 - The afternoon started horrendously for Cissokho, as Jesus Navas shredded him for much of the opening 15 minutes. He grew into the match though and even contributed to the Liverpool attack a few times. He appeared to be very tired at the end of the game, which is odd for a player coming off a six week break from game action.

Lucas - 6 - While sloppy in a few of his challenges, Lucas did well to stem the Manchester City tide, especially in the second half. His ball retrieving abilities were essential in Liverpool's 48% possession at the Ethiad.

Allen - 6 - Allen continued his quietly solid form, although it would be nice if he developed some semblance of composure in the penalty area.

Henderson - 6 - Definitely a step down in performance from Hendo, but that was to be expected in a game of this magnitude. He still had his moments, but failed to boss the match like in previous weeks.

Sterling - 6 - If two plays went differently, this could be a 9 or 10 rating for Sterling. First, Sterling was absurdly deemed offside when put in on goal, and then he painfully missed with the goal gaping in the second half.

Coutinho - 7 - Coutinho scored once but really should have put away a second, firing right into the grasp of Joe Hart from a perfect scoring angle. He seems to be improving every week, although at times his decision making let him down.

Suarez - 7 - Suarez went a game without scoring, which is apparently possible. He would have had two assists if Sterling and Coutinho finished their huge chances, and he'll look to get back into the goal scoring action against Chelsea.


Moses - 5 - Our two "game changing" maneuvers were to bring on Victor Moses and Iago Aspas. Yikes.

Aspas - 5 - See above.

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