You Can't Make Romance On A Subway Line: Liverpool 5 - Norwich 0

Mark Thompson

Liverpool thrash the Canaries

These are the wraps you like to write. We can get all the easy narratives out of the way. Yes, Norwich have lost five of six. Yes, Liverpool have crushed them in the two meetings before. Yes, it's another win over a team in the bottom half.

Fuck that.

The schedule said play Norwich. And Liverpool dispatched a team below them in a fashion that they haven't done a lot, and how good teams are supposed to. That doesn't mean get over the moon or predict trophies that aren't coming in the spring. But it does feel pretty good. And it's ok for it to feel pretty good.

The movement, the imagination, the determination was as good as it's been in....years? I can't remember a match where Liverpool scored four goals that all could be described as gorgeous. Be they from long strikes, or clever passing, or both, they ticked every box. Long may it continue.


-So after 596 predictions or proclamations that ended up making me look like an idiot, I'm going to bask in this Jordan Henderson stuff. Because Liverpool just look better with him right now.

-I watched most of the Barca match after Liverpool. And again, there isn't a fullback on the planet who is playing better than Glen Johnson right now.

-Why haven't we seen more of that from Gerrard? It feels like he's had the space to bury one from 25 yards a few times, and he just hasn't. Hopefully this signals a trend. In fact, Liverpool could use more strikes in general from outside the box. They only need to draw defenders out a couple yards to open up things in the box.

-So this Sturridge-Suarez thing looks pretty good so far, huh? As we speculated, it doesn't really matter where they start, they both end up everywhere over the course of the match. And at least so far, Sturridge's seflishness hasn't shown for the most part, and when it has it's been perfectly acceptable.

There really isn't much else to add. A comprehensive victory. It speaks for itself.

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