So, who's left?

We all know we got rid of everyone, and brought in no one. But that's just what it seems. We do have some players left. So who?

Personally, I'm hoping we focus a first team on EPL, and let the Carling and Europa Cup games be kid chances. Let them work, and get some experience. We just don't have the depth to risk much needed points for those two Cups. We may not advance even if we went full speed ahead in Europa, so why not let Morgan, Yesil, Suso, Wilson, etc get 6 quality games of experience. I'll split the team in two, the best for EPL, with the rest getting Cup action or providing depth if the top group gets hurt, suspended, or whatever.

Reina's a constant (we can hope) in goal. So;


EPL-Johnson, Enrique, Kelly, Agger, Skrte (and Downing)l. Kelly is the first sub. He can play centrally for Skrtel or Agger, for Johnson on the right, or Enrique on the left with Johnson flipping sides.

Cup-Robinson, Flanagan, McLaughlin, Coates, Carra, Wilson, Wisdom (and Downing). That's enough to field a full back 4. Carra can get his final runs out, captaining the kids as he transitions to a coaching role. The kids get much needed experience, with Coates in the middle, and Robinson/Flanagan getting much needed experience in case they're needed in more important games.


EPL-Gerrard, Allen, Lucas, Sahin, Shelvey, Henderson. Hopefully health survives. Like last year, what was once was deep, not is dangerously close to lacking bodies (as poor as Spearing and Adam were, they are better than nothing). If everyone stays healthy, we've got a good trio of Allen and Sahin behind Gerrard. If everyone can be healthy when Lucas gets back, we can slide Gerrard further forward. Otherwise, we've got Shelvey, and then Henderson, should one of the first choice 3 get hurt, suspended, be unable to go a full 90, etc.

Cup-Shelvey, Henderson, Suso, Cole, Coady, Teixeira, Roddan, Nacho, . Yeah, it gets thin. Shelvey and Henderson are young enough to be able to go midweek, and then again on the weekend. We've got nothing else, so that's where the u21/reserves come in. See who can play, and who can't, but we can't risk losing Gerrard, Allen, Lucas, or Sahin in these games since there's nothing else if we're missing them.


EPL-Suarez, Borini, Assaidi, Sterling, Pacheco, Cole, (and Downing). Not much depth here either. Downing could work in here, or in the back. Unless Assaidi is the steal of the century, we just got nothing. And even if he is, we're dangerously thin. Cole might be able to give 10 minutes until a hamstring blows. Pacheco is still here, so hopefully he gets used. I assume we don't want to risk stunting Sterling's growth (see below), so either he or Assaidi, (or Downing) start alongside Suarez and Borini (now automatics with no one else) with Sterling coming on for someone around the 60 minute mark. I'd rather not start Sterling more than 10 games. As good as he is, he's just too young, and why risk him stalling at best (ala Walcott), or suffering an injury that keeps him from ever becoming what he could be (ala Wilshire). 10 starts, another 15-20 appearances off the bench. Flip that next year, and go slow (20 starts, rest as a super sub). It hurts to leave such talent on the bench. But I'd think the next 2 years aren't as important as what you'll get in the following 10-15.

Cup-Morgan, Yesil, Assaidi, Pacheco, Adorjan, Ngoo, Cole, (and Downing). Take out Suarez, Borini, and Sterling, because there's no point risking them when you want to maximize the bang for the buck in EPL games. So let Morgan or Yesil lead the line, with Assaidi, Pacheco, Cole (for his 10-15 minutes a month), maybe Downing, and the kids play off them gaining experience in case someone in the above group gets hurt, and we're forced to put them in EPL games. But don't risk Suarez, or Sterling, or even Borini considering how thin depth is, and let the kids get action.

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