End of Season Player Rating - Daniel Agger

Momento mori Fernando. I know, not this season, but still the best picture of Agger around.

Taking advantage of the brief lull in the euros, I will continue in my attempts to rate each player's season and offer a few comments from my point of view. I do not have a photographic memory so please feel free to post your comments and reflections on the individual players as you saw them for last season or anything I forgot; I intend for these to be interactive. For those of you new t-o this game, remember 1=horrific, 10=unreal, 6=is about average.

Daniel Agger - 7

Simply put, Agger and Skrtel have been exactly what we had hoped for a few years back. They have become Liverpool's dynamic duo, a regular Ace and Gary or Batman and Robin, if you will. A few years back, we nearly all had hoped that they truly were the future and that hope appears fulfilled (although now I guess that makes them the present). Agger has had a solid year and has continued his form into the Euros where he was the lynchpin of a Danish side that needed great defending to stay competitive in their games in the group of death.

More after the poll and jump:

Agger's main knock continues to be injury. The Liverpool back line really fell apart when he broke his ribs. that said, broken ribs can hardly be blamed on "injury proneness" even if the knock he took looked quite innocuous. He and Skrtel have developed a fantastic level of understanding that can carry the team forward. Considering they had a substitute holding midfielder for the majority of the season, the back line held it's own quite well and the statistics show this. Liverpool were tied for 3rd in goals allowed and were leading or second most of the season until Agger's rib injury. However, injuries happen and Liverpool must get deeper at this position. Carragher is done (I know it's sad, but I'm being honest) and that really only leaves a young Coates as cover.

Agger does like to get forward, but did seem to hold onto the ball a little too long many of the times. teams are happy to give him space, but I would rather see him either pass sooner, or set himself for the shot sooner. Lord knows he can do it, see Exhibit A.

I found this side note on Soccernet while looking for his stats, "Agger is a tattoo artist and has a number of tattoos on his body including a Viking on his upper right arm with the quote 'Memento mori' ('Remember you will die'); although he didn't do it himself." I think I have found my new motto.

Agger 2011/12 Season Stats (via ESPN Soccernet):



Sub Apps






Shots on Goal






Fouls Drawn






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