If not Kenny why does it have to be Rafa?

Once again I will have to show my football ignorance if Kenny has to be "kicked upstairs" after this season why is the front runner in a lot of LFC fans minds Rafa Benitez?(who I just discovered I share a birthday with April 16th but I digress) I know he was a very successful former LFC manager but correct me if I am wrong but wasn't Kenny also a very successful former LFC manager? How is that working out for us by the way?

Liverpool seems to be a bit like the Yankees used to be when they kept bringing back Billy Martin every time the wheels seemed to be falling off.

My American football background tells me you do not have to hire a "Known" coach to win I have never heard of Mike McCarthy before Green Bay hired him same for Mike Homlgren. You are telling me that going back to Rafa is the only answer I do not buy it. It strikes me as a team nation LFC fans tend to live in the past being a Packer fan I understand that lived that for 25 years before they got good again. But with all the leagues out there their has to be a younger up and coming coach who could step in who is more in touch with the current state of the game and its players to take over for Kenny. I am just too new to the game to know who some of these possible candidates might be.

Hell maybe Kenny with one or two more pieces is the right guy if we could finish this team would be lethal they are solid on Defense rarely giving up more than 2 goals in a game. But this is where I go all wind sock on Kenny his line up decisions and his misguided loyalties to guys like Charlie Hollywood tell me he is not at this time and place in the Liverpool timeline the right guy to get us back into the top 4 and having us challenging for the league title.

I personally think Bobbie Valentine is the only reason FSG has not already let Kenny go Yes I know we still have FA but I follow a baseball team that fired its manager 9 days before they played in the playoffs so I know even limited success will not always save you. Wow way off topic now, but I do that.

So tell me if Kenny goes, does not matter if he is pushed or he jumps who would you want to replace him and why remember you have to talk slowly and explain why because I am not very bright about football ok :)

Final though is anyone else as grateful for the end of the season as I am?

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