LFC News 4.20.12: The Return of the Hodgson

Woy vs The King

The Baggies come to Anfield with former LFC caretaker Roy Hodgson on the touchline. Kenny Dalglish seems to think he'll receive a warm welcome. Perhaps because their Premier League record at LFC are about the same? I think there will be some applause due to the fact he is no longer our manager.

As always please follow @anfieldasylum on Twitter and get into the discussion on the blog. I have seen several new members post and I must say I have enjoyed reading their fresh perspectives! Let's keep this great community growing! YNWA!

Expect Sam's match preview soon.

On another note, sorry I have not been able to post news this week. I have been traveling a lot this week.

On to the news.

German side Hamburg are interested in Dirk also via independent.co.uk

I think it is pretty immenent that we are going to lose Dirk over the summer. I would like to see us shop him around. I am reading estimates of £1M. That is way too low. I think a fair assessment is around £4M-£5M given his workrate and versitility.

LFC will not have to rely on it's third string keeper for this weekends match Pepe and Doni are available via dailymail.co.uk

LFC closing in on Athletic Bilbao starlet Mikel Zaton via talksport.co.uk

LFC sign Crewe Alexandria starlet Dan Smith from dailymail.co.uk

Spotlight on LFC's newest youth signing Dan Smith from Crewe Alexandria via talksport.co.uk

Post Comolli strategy discussion via lifesapitch.co.uk

Great 442 article on lack of depth Europe wide for GK's via fourfourtwo.co.uk

Worth the read discusses why a clear cut number one is not always a good thing.

FA Cup Semifinal Tactical Review via zonalmarking.net

Worth revisiting the excellent match.

The importance of being Lucas via eplindex.com

READ THIS ARTICLE! If you disagree that Lucas is not the premier DMF in Europe, RE-READ THIS ARTICLE.

Please read Adam's article on the dive epidemic. His article was very timely and recent events by Drogba, Superman, and others have proven his points.

Whiskey nose "talks" to Superman (Ashley Young) via theindependent.co.uk

Moses wants Wigan exit via talksport.co.uk

Could fill the right wing void nicely imho. Young and still developing but a solid player.

UPDATE: Is crossing still an effectively used strategy in the Premier League via eplindex.com

Great article, did we regress in our strategy to bang goals off the big geordie's noggin?

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