Thursday's Training Room

Hello again all!

I'm going to make this a monday thursday bi-weekly feature. So get your liverpool on two times.


Let's get things started: I still love Seb Coates. Nothing's changed. If i'm wrong, I don't wanna be right..

I actually quite enjoy being right

Wanna discuss the whole "Moneyball doesn't work in soccer" hysteria going on. Moneyball is about using statistical analysis to maximize revenue. Basically- it's about being in the 21st century. This can work in soccer. With that said, what is going on the past three transfer windows is not moneyball. We didn't go out and buy cheap hoping to sell. We bought premium players at their british premium price. We did this for Fifa fair play. Having said that....

Fifa fair play sucks right now. There will be loop holes. However, when it is ironed out and worked out, this club will be in prime position of running a profit and being able to re-invest that profit. I pray.

The more I type this, the scarier this guy dancing looks. Let's move on. Aand hope I don't regret this being my second post.

Our youth team is going to yield incredible results. Eccleston, Ngoo, Morgan, Flanno, Robinson, Coates, Sterling, Suso, and I'm gonna throw Carroll in because of his age, even though he's not a youth player. Don't argue I know he's been first team since he was 17. Fine he's not a youth player. Happy? Geez...

Seriously though look at the talent this has. Add a hopefully central playing Henderson, and Suarez, with Skrtel and Agger deep, and this team could be very, very, very dangerous within 3 years.

Speaking of 3 years, I think we should all take a deep breath before we say Kenny should be gone. Managers in this day and age are not given much time. However, Kenny has won a cup already, has shown the ability to win league games (look at last year), and is in the semi-final of a prestigious (yes I still consider the FA cup prestigious) cup. Give the man time. Our games are being played better. We play good football. We stagnate some, and seem to drift from pass and move, to running wildly with no sense of direction, or as I like to call that offense "Partying with Andy Carroll", but the point is that we have improved. Nobody in the microwave society is happy with gradual improvement, especially at a club with LFC's history, but improvement is being made. Give the King time.

Rafa says he would wait 10 years, but would love to coach LFC again. Can't say I would mind that. Great tactician who was somewhat saddled by the poor management. Would love to see him with a decent transfer kitty and FSG

Three Ghanaian players are on trial, and apparently have a decent number of clubs following them. Here's to hoping we find a gem or so.

Liverpool is coming to America to play Roma. Seb...thoughts?


Same here buddy. Same here

See you monday


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