QPR v Liverpool Player Ratings

So I'm sorry I am so late on these, but I needed time to...well you know...just time. This is so difficult because this was really one of the best games of the season (finishing aside). The fluidity of attack and passing was unreal and the whole team effort for the first 75' was just fantastic. It was a joy to watch and reminded me of Arsenal about 5 years ago when they would pass everyone to death. Unfortunately though, those Arsenal teams could actually finish, unlike our current team.

I've posted it below the Wigan preview so that the front page flows as it should.

I will stop blabbering because no one wants to hear it, so on to the ratings:


Reina - 6 - There was little he could do for any of the goals. Cisse's was headed back across him. A 1 v 1 is a 50/50 proposition anyways even though I felt as though he could have done better.

Enrique - 5 - While he was solid overall, his defensive whiff to let the final goal in was unacceptable. It is just something that comes when playing in the backline, the margin for error is minimal. He did very well though to support the attack.

Carragher - 6 - Could have helped a little more on the first, but in all reality it wasn't his fault. Didn't do anything wrong all night. Did well also when shifted right.

Skrtel - 6 - Another commanding display overall, but still the defense let in 3 in 15 minutes. He has to take a knock for that.

Kelly - 6 - Hardly anytime, but he really looked as though that knock was slowing him down. He has been a step off since the Derby.

Downing - 7 - He had a very good game and it was his shot that was responsible for Liverpool's second. His movement was good, but he seemed to drift a little too much for my liking. It was like watching Maxi.

Gerrard - 7 - Well he did what he could and distributed well. He also partnered with Spearing to shield the defense quite well. Overall, he controlled the game. He and Suarez seemed to have quite the understanding developing.

Spearing - 7 - Another fantastic display for me. He was hustling to every ball, constantly challenging QPR and denying them time to make a decision. He is a big reason the possession stat was so lopsided. If he could get his passing down, he would be a world class holding mid, definitely worthy of an England call-up.

Adam - 6 - He tried. It wasn't great, but it also wasn't as ugly as his previous two games that caused him to be benched. He went into that challenge quite foolishly and exposed himself to a potential injury. One that caused him to be subbed. Hindsight is 20/20, but I cringed when I saw him lunge into it. At least we can't fault him for his effort.

Kuyt - 7 - Very alert to poach on Downing's scraps and more importantly, to be onside to do so. He did his usual hard work and had a number of nice plays with Liverpool's quick passing on the night.

Suarez - 8 - He was a menace to the back line. Sure he didn't score, but his unbeleivable play in the box to hit one of the all too familiar post was directly responsible for a goal. The level of passing in this game between him and the rest of the team was mouth-watering. I want more, without the defensive lapses. The game changed significantly after he was withdrawn. We had no one to hold up the ball.


Coates - 8 - My jaw is still on the floor from his goal. He was a full 5 feet in the air and completely horizontal to the ground when he hit it. He put in a good defensive shift and wasn't responsible for any of the goals. What a shame his beautiful goal will be forgotten in one of the worst games in Liverpool's recent memories.

Henderson - 6 - I liked his movement and where his head was at in the second half. However, he was responsible for the first goal. While I would contend that having an elbow shoved in the back of your head and then being used as leverage does indeed constitute a foul, he has to do something there. Fall down or fight, but don't just stand there to be used as a pommel horse.

Carroll - N/A - What an awful substitution. I can only think it was because Suarez was injured. I don't blame Carroll for this, but I fail to see how this was a positive move in the game. Suarez was fantastic at holding the ball up all night, and Carroll has been poor at doing so all season. It just wasn't a game that needed him. If KK is willing to throw Carroll on in this situation he should be willing to throw on the youngsters also.

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