Two Hours We'll Never Get Back: Sunderland 1 - 11 Uncaring Idiots 0

Oh stop it, you don't have any answers anyway

I'm not going to waste a lot of time on this one. Because if they didn't care, why should we? And Liverpool certainly didn't care, or at least did a damn good impression of it. What we feared most, that absolute heartbreaker last week would color the rest of the league season, came to fruition. This looked a team that knows that in the league, it's playing out the string. Oh sure, there's a Derby on Tuesday and visit from Chelsea, occasions which get the blood pumping no matter the situation. But that's all they'll be for sure now: one-offs.


-The only conclusion I could draw from the match is that it's the FA Cup or nothing now. Because if the season ends with likely a worse league position than last year and only the League Cup to show for all the work and investment and "changes", I doubt there will be too many Liverpool supporters who would categorize it as enough or progress. Even a Cup double may not satisfy all, as this team looks farther and farther away from being overhauled into a Champions League place team in just one summer.

-As for the lineup and formation, I don't know how much having the Merseyside Derby on Tuesday played into it, so I don't know that I can fairly launch into rants about personnel and such. Though if the match on Tuesday is what really counts because there's not much else to play for, why have Suarez involved at all? And when Liverpool switched to a 4-4-2, why is it always Jordan Henderson shunted out right? We know he's severely limited there, and we've never gotten much of a look at what he can do in a two-man central midfield with a genuine minder to pair with. We know what Adam can do, and it's basically led me to never wanting to see the Scot in the lineup again. If the league season is shot, shouldn't at least be a lab to find out what Liverpool have got where?

-Frazier Campbell dove about as much as Luis Suarez, but he's not a dirty, dirty South American so the announcers of course won't comment on that. Nope, Suarez is the only diver in the league, maybe Europe, maybe the world.

-I'd hate to be in Andy Carroll's head right now. No, he hadn't been stellar but he'd put his best run of form together through the Cup Final, and then found himself on the bench for a huge match against Arsenal so we could all watch Dirk Kuyt thrash about. Same again today against a club he'd be aching to beat. Again, either Carroll is part of the solution or he isn't, but now's the time to find out. I know what Dirk Kuyt is. And Carroll at the age of 22 can probably manage two matches in four days. Just a hunch.

-Would have been nice if Coates had run in for that rebound, no?

-Did I mention I wouldn't mind if I never see Charlie Adam again?

-More often than not, Jay Spearing looks like he's in over his head, but he's being asked to do more than the club ever thought he would have to be.

Ok, that's enough.

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