Player Ratings v. Udinese

Dino Panato

Who did what and how well in Italy

I'm pinch-hitting for Adam this week on player ratings, as he's got like a family or a job or other things I'm not really burdened with. So let's to i.

Pepe Reina - 6: It's hard to give him anything else because he didn't really have anything to do. One or two comfortable saves, and kept a clean sheet. I'm sure he'd love more matches this easy. Good distribution to start some counters that really should have netted more.

Glen Johnson - 7: Maintained his superb form, though not quite the heights of some of the past couple league matches. Did get caught once too far upfield, but that's been the exception rather than the rule this season.

Jamie Carragher - 7.5: Again, didn't have much to do, and nearly ruined it all with his slow-reaction to the Di Natale 1-2 at the death that we could all see coming but he couldn't. But aside from that, his usual brave, last line of defense self.

Martin Skrtel - 7.5: Clean sheet, pretty good with the ball, rarely troubled. More encouraging to see him have a good match alongside someone else other than Daniel Agger, because that's been an issue in the past.

Jose Enrique - 8: The train keeps on rolling. Solid going back, and dynamic going forward. Combined well with Stewart Downing, which you wouldn't think would be that easy. A constant threat, and his lungs must encompass his whole chest cavity. Where does he get the energy?

Joe Allen - 7.5: Had to adjust early in the match from being more advanced to the deepest midfielder role after Sahin's injury. And showed none of the fatigue or weariness that has plagued him earlier, in a match where one moment of hesitation could have sent Liverpool out. Oh, and completing 94% of your passes is not to be sneezed at.

Jordan Henderson - 8.5: The winner netted, each box patrolled with tireless running, and constant pressing. Henderson isn't going to be the match-winner that his price-tag suggested any time soon, but he's got a lot to bring, and if he can take the confidence gained from this to be a little surer in the opponents' box and put some more chances away, well....

Jonjo Shelvey - 6.5: Wasn't expecting to be on so early, and actually ended up in the more unfamiliar second, middle midfielder. A couple giveaways, but also so inventive play and thrust. Liverpool usually just look better with him on the field, and he's been the most anxious to support Suarez in the box.

Suso - 6.5: As most kids his age, a bit confounding. Can look so lethal, creative, and buoyant at times, and he did set up the goal with some patience in the box that not everyone would have. But he broke some moves down with misplaced passes or shots, and really should have scored in the second half. Needs to track back more as well, but there's still so much here.

Stewart Downing - 6.5: Better than it usually is, but that doesn't mean it was awesome.

Luis Suarez - 6: Just kind of off throughout. Wasn't a detriment, but one of those matches on a pretty messy pitch where nothing he tries come off. Also should have scored in the second half.

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