Spurs v Liverpool Player Ratings

The horribly inconsistent robotic refereeing edition.

This was awful.  I have never seen such a card happy performance by a ref.  That being said, they did it to themselves.  The midfield was disjointed from the start and never seemed to have any cohesion. Lucas and Adam were all over each other. I guess it is official; it is another international break curse.


Reina - 3 - Should have had Defoe's goal covered.  As Enrique contained him to Reina's right, Reina didn't slide left to cover the only part of the goal where the ball could realistically end up.  Spilled the ball for the 3rd. Kept his own back line. Not one of his better days.

Skrtel - 1 - Tormented all day by Bale.  The second yellow was perhaps a bit harsh, but he had been asking for it all game.  One thing is becoming clear, he is not a right back.  Get well soon Martin Kelly.

Carragher - 3 - Well I don't really fault him for any of the goals specifically, he wasn't exactly stellar either.  His backline conceded four goals.

Agger - 4 - Off early.  Perhaps his injury was the reason he couldn't close down on the 1st goal, but he was slightly at fault for it. Let's be honest though, that was a fantastic finish.

Enrique - 4 - Not his usual self.  He failed to get forward until the end and even his defending wasn't fantastic. He did need to pass a little sooner.  I get nervous when defenders try to beat 3 or 4 men out of the back. I don't mind when he is storming down the flank in the attacking half, but not out of the back.

Henderson - 4 - Anonymous...again.  I don't know what else to say about him.  To be fair though, it is tough with 10 and then 9 men.

Adam - 2 - Was already not having a great game.  The first card was soft I thought, especially that early.  The second was also a tad harsh as he only had eyes on the ball.  Either way, when you are carrying a yellow you have to be careful.  He was not and the team paid the price.

Downing - 4 - Not involved at all.  As we have established before, when he doesn't get involved, the game goes poorly (although in his defense, the Adam sending off so early complicated things)

Carroll - 4 - Poor, but again, the whole team changes their play when he is on the pitch.  He does not fit into a pass and move system. All we do is pound it up to him.  Is this how Newcastle employed him? In a "hoof and hope" system? I just don't know what to say, but we are poor when he plays.  On a funny note, around the 50' I saw some of the most gangly awkward stepovers of my life.

Suarez - 5 - No service meant he had to do it all on his own.  He doesn't play well off of Carroll.  That was very evident today. I just don't know if we can win without him.  That is scary.


Coates - 4 - Nothing good.  Nothing too bad, but was a part of a back line that got scored on 3 times while he was on the pitch.  Got a yellow within minutes (although sneezing would get you a yellow with this moron), but it was a professional foul.

Spearing - 5 - Tried to impose himself as much as a CM in a 9 man side can. He looked full of energy and was really trying even though the game was long gone.

Bellamy - 5 - Nothing he could do, 9 men = little service.  I really want to see him and Suarez play together.  I think it could be great.


This game needed Kuyt.  When you have a player like Bale, you need a RM that tracks back consistently. Liverpool were losing their grip on the game before Adam was sent off though.  It just seemed to be the kick in the balls that doomed them to defeat.

This Mike Jones sucked today.  Refs should be seen, not heard.  Rather than talking to the players in the beginning to calm the game down, he decided to steal the show.  I hope that Kenny goes ape-shit in his post match press conference.  This is an example of robot refereeing; simply looking at the rule book rather than applying common sense.  Even Adebayor's yellow for a high foot was a bit over the top as well.  He was just so poor.  I would have loved to have seen the players decide the game instead. 

I'm not posting an MoM poll.  There is no one to vote for.  This was awful.

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