Exeter Player Ratings and MoM voting

Here they are.  Sorry for those of you who couldn't watch. I got put on baby duty for the last few minutes of the first half, so I might have missed something.  I hope this result sparks them all to start scoring.  It was a great opportunity for them all to mesh a little since a lot of the senior squad was out there. 

Here are the ratings as I saw them:

Reina -6- Okay Pepe, I know Rafa let you play midfield in a preseason friendly a couple of years ago (I believe against Grasshoppers), but that doesn't mean you are an outfield player.  Other than that scare, there wasn't much else on target.  I can't fault him for not saving the penalty, obviously those are just bonus points.

Flanagan -6- A few missed touches, but much better than his Sunderland display.  Although it was against a League 1 side.  He had no cover from Henderson so I'll give him some credit.  Got involved in a few attacks as well.  Got baled out at the end of the game when his touch let him down.

Skrtel -5- Pretty stupid penalty.  I thought we sold Soto.  Other than that and a nervy moment involving a ball over the top and Reina, there wasn't a whole lot for the central defence to do.  Hopefully he got a little fitness back tonight.

Wilson -7- Solid performance.  Got it wrong early in the 2nd with the previously mentioned ball over the top, but a decent display from the youngster.

Robinson -7-  Good enough, kept his side quite and provided all the width on that side of the field because Maxi was playing in front of him.  Got forward well.  Overall a very assured display.

Henderson -7- Was involved in all 3 goals and provided great width.  He almost won a penalty as well. It was a close one, but he did dive and to his credit, acknowledged is right away.  However, any idiot who puts his foot in inside the box like that guy from Exeter deserves to have a penalty called against him.  A much better performance, but needs a solid right back in front of him as he doesn't get back well to defend.

Adam -6- Great first half, but kinda faded in the second.  He was pulling all the strings and had some great corners in the first.  I'm not quite sure where he went in the second.

Spearing -6- Decent start to the campaign.  He was solid when he needed to be.  A few bad touches, but definitely the Spearing we came to love last year. 

Maxi -5- He was on the pitch? Really? He's on the score sheet? Really?  Could have fooled me.  He was anonymous and out of position all game.  He only showed up for the goal and the subsequent 5 minutes after.  His positioning is poor, he takes everyone else's space.  He did do well to take the goal served up on a silver platter though.  I mean, in the 83' he made a storming run up the center of the pitch from defense.  He has no business being there.  It is so frustrating to me.

Suarez -10- Really, is there anything he can't do?  Hell, he is even recruiting for us. Scored and set up two.  He is unreal.  It was going to be a 9, but I gave him a bonus point for recruiting Coates.

Miereles -5- Didn't really have the time to do much.  Hope he is ok.


Carroll -7- Well he is off the mark for this season and it was a screamer.  He dropped way too deep for my liking way too often.  It almost appeared as if he really took Meireles' slot and was playing off Suarez.  He did make some decent moves finally, but his touch was a bit off tonight and he just seemed disinterested by the end of the game.  Gotta play the full 90'.

Downing -7- Very lively.  Injested a lot of energy into the game and midfield and saw a wicked shot saved near post.  Another very good outing.  And we thought he was a one trick pony. 

Shelvey -5- Defended well, but too short of a cameo to make much of a rating.  Didn't do anything wrong though.

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