Arsenal Player Ratings [Updated]

Whew, I was getting worried.  This was a bit of a nervy game since it should have been put away early against this very weak Arsenal team. It scares me that we are still so reliant on Suarez to save the day.

Here is how I saw the performances of our players.  Remember, 1 to 10.  Let me know what you think:

After some demand, I have added Lucas to the poll.  Sorry if you already voted.

Reina - 7 - Solid as ever. Great punches in the first half, but very little to do.  Did well to stop the RVP attempt.

Kelly - 7 - Very solid back there.  I thought he shut down the right side and did very well getting forward.  Should have scored.  Frustrated Arshavin at every turn, which was evidenced when Arshavin threw him aside in the box, but somehow the foul wasn't given.

Carragher - 7 - Shut RVP down.  Did well to keep Arsenal passing outside the box and swarmed with Agger when it did enter the box.  Very solid performance.

Agger - 7 - See Carragher.

Enrique - 8 - A revelation.  Made Walcott anonymous and supported the attack very well.  He and Downing are linking up very well.  He made numerous good runs and really was at the heart of a lot of our decent chances in the first half.

Downing - 8 - Fantastic.  Nearly everything good started or went through Downing.  He really seemed to be pulling all the strings in the midfield up until the sending off, and then got more involved after it.  He also tracked back very well.  I'm sold, he was my Man of the Match.

Adam - 6 - A roller coaster ride.  Some terrible touches or poor decisions followed by some great passing.  It was up and down for me, but he is looking better.  He and Lucas still aren't entirely on the same page though.

Lucas - 6 - Looked out of sorts until he got Frimpong sent off.  He looks off the pace, a little slow to the ball and his touch is a little off.  He appears to have regressed a little, but I'll take it easy on him.  He is still trying to gel with Adam and he did have a busy summer.

Henderson - 4 - So poor. He looked lethargic out there.  He was slow to challenge the ball.  His decisions were questionable at times and he just looked disinterested.  He has a lot of work to do to live up to his fee.  Stevie is going to have to take this kid under his wing and show him what he needs to be doing.  I would have rather seen Meireles come on for him and push Kuyt back to the midfield.

Kuyt - 6 - Nothing too spectacular.  He covered well as always and worked hard, but his poor touches let him down more than once.  I think he works much better with Suarez, but then again, Suarez could make a drunken monkey look good too.

Carroll - 5 - Poor again.  His movement was better, but still lacking.  At times I thought he dropped way too deep, leaving few options up top.  This is not all his fault though as we again got into the habit of just cranking the ball to him in the hopes that he would win it.  He did well to win the battles, but if no one is there to win the follow on or play off it then it is wasted.  He just isn't good enough to create his own chances by himself.  I was glad to see him subbed.  He has a long way to go.



Meireles - 7 - Good movement, could have scored, but was an integral part of the first flukey goal and the second.  He should definitely be starting for Henderson next game.  He proved why he shouldn't be sold.

Suarez - 8 - He is our savior once more.  While I appreciate it and it was great to see him get rest and still win the game, it still worries me that this team can't cope without him.  He changed the game, although he did come on after Arsenal were down to 10 men.

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