Sunderland Player Ratings

I'm sick so I can't come up with anything new, and I actually like the idea of barfing these up every week if Bromantic is game. Always good to have new opinions. -Sam

I want to start posting these after every game I watch.  Feel free to tell me to stop or to beat me to the punch in the future.  On a scale of 1-10, I (or you) will rate each player's performance based on my (your) opinions from the game;  1 being a drunken Sunday pub league performance and 10 being a once in a life time performance.  Feel free to share yours as well and tell me where I am out to lunch or submit your own for comparison. 


Also, the kid isn't here yet so the polls are still open for voting for her name.

Riena - 6 - Nothing he could do on the goal, but also nothing else to really do all game after that.

Carragher - 6 - Also had little to do other than get into young Flannagan's ear more often.  I can't really remember him ever being caught during this game.  Seemed to keep the Sunderland striker under wraps and uninvolved.

Agger - 6 - See Carragher

Enrique - 7 - I thought he did very well considering being thrust into the side.  He showed his attacking prowess and generally covered back very well.

Flannagan - 4 - Not one of his better days.  Was routinely lost, partly responsible for the goal and gave the ball away time and time again.  He looks a far cry from the lad we had so much hope for. I hope it was just a one off game.

Henderson - 5 - Anonymous for me.  I don't remember him being involved in to much and certainly didn't provide enough cover for Flano like Kuyt does. He will need to find ways to assert himself into games. However, it is way too early to write him off and he is obviously young.

Lucas - 6 - Did well enough to help control the midfield although he like he had played in a tournament over the summer towards the end.  What's that you say? He did? Oh.

Adam - 7 - Would have been higher, but he tapered off badly towards the end.  He and Lucas did well to control the midfield, but the last 15 minutes they both seemed gassed. Some sublime passes though.  He looks to be a bargain.

Downing - 7 - Showed what he can do and made an unbelievable run that resulted in nearly splitting the bar in two.  Plenty of creativity and provided lots of width that we had all been craving.  Linked up well with Enrique for their first time together.

Suarez - 8 - I hesitated to give him that high of a mark based on putting the PK onto Anfield Road.  Not the stands, the actual road.  But, he quickly atoned and was really at the heart of everything good that happened. As he ran out of energy, so did the team.  I am afraid we are becoming one dimensional again.

Carroll - 5 - He did well to hold the ball up and win the aerial battles, but there is more to being a striker than that.  I thought his movement was lacking and while he should have had a goal, he didn't do a whole lot else for me.  I hate how we turn in to a team that just hoofs it to him when he plays. 


Meireles - 5 - Did little, but had little time to do it on the pitch.  I was hoping for more.

Kuyt - 6 - His usualself, but likely should have been put on a few minutes earlier.  Flano needed him.


Overall, the team just looked like it wasn't well conditioned.  After about 60', they looked dead and slow with very sloppy passing and touches until the end; a far cry from the team we saw in the first half.  Perhaps they should have spent some time training in this recent heatwave we had in the US.

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