New Red fan Here

I am new to the board and a new Liverpool FC fan as well. I live in the Tucson, Arizona area. I began following the EPL this year, and started watching at the beginning of the recent season.  I wanted to pick a team with good young players.  The two I found most interesting were Gareth Bale and Andy Carroll.  So I started watching Spurs and Newcastle

When they played each other Andy was injured and Bale got hurt early.  The pitch was littered with Spurs players even when Joey Barton wasn't around, so I dubbed them "The Diving Divas of White Hart Lane."  They were eliminated from consideration.

I decided to follow Newcastle, but I heard something about a transfer deadline.  Of course all the reports from the club were that Andy was staying.  Then came transfer deadline day.  Oops!  Andy is going to Liverpool.

There were bad feelings in the air at St. James' Park when Arsenal came in.  Well maybe I should adopt Arsenal.  After all I read Fever Pitch.  They play elegant football.  When they scored their four in the first half they looked great, but they were prancing around like kids soccer players.  The Toon comeback was miraculous and exciting.  So I continued to watch them.  I dubbed Arsenal the "Prancing Prisses."  They were led of course by Rob van Prissy.  Also one of their fans wrote a post proclaiming the elegance of the goals by Arsenal, and ignoring their complete collapse.  Not my cuppa.

I also started watching Liverpool, and began to get caught up in the way that they were revitalized by Kenny, Suarez' play, Dirk's work, and the overall play of the team.  I knew that Andy was injured and wouldn't play much for the rest of the season.  May 1 was the deciding day.  I saw a team going through the motions, and a team on the rise that is playing exciting football.  So I picked Liverpool. 

I have watched Newcastle a lot in the last year, so I can weigh in on Jose Enrique.  I think he is a good back, but he has a really good partnership with Jonas Gutierrez.  Enrique plays much better with Jonas.  They interchange and cover for each other well.  Perhaps he could do as well with Liverpool players, but I doubt it.  I know that talk about him has died down, and would like to see the Reds go in a different direction.

I am much more optimistic about Andy Carroll than many of the faithful.  I got to watch him quite a bit before he got injured.  He is more than just an aerial player.  I think his partnership with Suarez has promise.  Thus my screen name.  So it looks like you got Joseph Stern in the Torres deal.  Think of me as coming over with Andy on the transfer.

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