How much should FSG spend?


This post isn't meant to be an indictment on anyone else's comments, I just want everyone to stop worrying about the funds and worry about the players.


The club misses Insua at this point. To have a cool, calm leftback in the squad would be a blessing. He was woefully overworked last season and Kenny would be mad not to bring him back and give him another shot. If anything, he'll be a great squad player. Not the guy you moan and cry about when he is coming off the bench (see Soto). That being said, one more good left back is needed, even is Insua comes back.

We do definitely need one more CB (as OmarLittle recently commented). Carra only has a few years left and Agger is injury prone. I wouldn't mind seeing Hyypia take Soto's place and Ayala get a fair shot.  Hyypia certainly has as much pace, is as good in the air, and is much smarter.

We only need 1 or 2 more signings, other than the two needs addressed above, to turn everything around.  Just like the media points out, they need to be true wingers to feed Carroll's head.  This isn't much, maybe 2 or 3 new players in total and a few back from loan.


It may sound blasphemous, but I don't want FSG to put up stupid money. WE ARE NOT CITY! We are a real club with passion built from the ground up, not with money. Don't lose sight of that. The tools are there. Just look at our youth record over the past 5 years. We are on the up. Kenny is getting the best out of the players, and there will certainly be a few great signings over the summer. Personally, I don't expect a City-like spending spree. Just investment. Please everyone, we love this club because of who they are, not the money they spend. If you want a club willing to splash out obscene amounts of money then trade in your Red jersey for a ¢ity or ¢hel$ki one. We need to spend, but responsibly and not ridiculously. I want to earn the Premier league title. Not buy it.

Suarez is autonomous. He feeds himself. It's amazing; clearly the buy of the window, but I want Riise back. We need him and he bleeds Red; so much so that he would almost probably play for free. This club is built on the passion of the supporters, and the players are fueled by our passion and we are inturn fueled by thier inspired performances (see Istanbul, Olympiakos, FA Cup final, the Derbys) . It is truly a symbiotic relationship.

Let's stop talking about money and demanding things from the new owners. This seems to be a recurring theme among fans right now; I over hear way too many conversations that start with, "they better break out their checkbooks..."  Let's start talking about our club and players that can help at a realistic price (yeah, I want Messi too, but that isn't happening). We could be contending for the title if we hadn't gotten stuck with Roy (who I reluctantly admit I was happy about at the time of his signing), so the foundation is there and the squad is getting younger.  We just need a few more bricks to finish the wall.

Let me know what you think.  

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