What to do With King Kenny

I was thinking last night, how long of a contract should be put on King Kenny for the full time job. Reports say that it's a two year deal with options of renewal. Part of these reports are saying that Kenny wants four years, but the owners don't want to go that far ahead. It's all good that they are thinking this far ahead for him. The appointing of him would continue his ascent back to the 80's.

Ok, so Kenny is only 60, and been out of the game for 10 years, so in reality his footballing age is 50. But I've addressed the last ten years if he hadn't left. Realistically if he's up for it, Kenny could take the team into his late 60's. I don't know the great man at all, and I have a suspicion he'd not want to do that. Plus there's the whole factor of Cara and Gerrard wanting to get into Managing.

What to do? Well Cara is older than me (he's 33) and Gerrard is younger than me. (I'm 32 in two weeks). So the time frame is key. Do they want to both be retiring at the same time? Well realistically Cara has maybe two years of top football left in him, and maybe another two years after that of being an assistant or learning the managing side. So if Kenny were to take a four year deal, he could hand the job to Cara and then retire.

Or in Stevie G's case, it could be much longer. I have a feeling Stevie G could play another four years easily. He has his injuries, and down matches, but everyone does. I could put a time frame of 6 years on him being boot room ready. Then Kenny is 66, and six years of titles to turn over.

The options are endless, and here's something, what if Pepe wants to manage? That might be fun.

Ok, enough with the what ifs, here's what I'd do with Kenny.

I'd give him a four year contract, with the option of extending it if Kenny would want it. Then I'd see if Cara and Gerrard want to be in the line of succession. This time Kenny leaves, they need to get it right. We don't need two decades of minor cups. Footballing world needs Liverpool back, and Liverpool needs football.

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