ManUre Player Ratings and MoM

I should probably wait a few hours before writing these, but screw it.  I am so irritated right now.  I hate how Man U always pop up and manage points in games where they are outplayed.  I guess that is why they manage to stay in the top 4 (unlike us).  It would be easy to fault the finishing, but DeGea made two fantastic saves to deny us two more points. 

I guess if you had asked me if I would take a draw going into this, I likely would have said yes. However, after seeing the team Fergie fielded, I probably would have changed my mind.  We have to take these points.  However, it was an encouraging display.  I think Suarez would get more time on the ball against most other teams in the EPL with this formation.  I hope Kenny sticks with it. 

That said, the ratings as I saw them after the jump.  Feel free to share yours or your opinions of mine.  After last game's ratings I know that you guys aren't too bashful about sharing your opinions.


Reina - 6 - Overall an uneventful day for him.  Nothing he could do about that piece of shit rat looking a-hole managing somehow to get his head on that corner.

Kelly - 8 - He was quiet, but he gets an 8 because he actually managed to get Ashley Young substituted at a time Fergie needed more attacking.  How is that for a successful afternoon?

Carragher - 7 - Solid as usual.  The backline played well.  It was a somewhat flukey goal off the corner.  Other than that, they played very well.

Skrtel - 6 - Almost downgraded this for not putting the ball on net in the dying minutes.  I hate that, you are 2 feet away, just put it between the pipes where it actually has a chance of going in.  I hate how players feel obligated to try to smash it through the back of the net.  Dammit Skrtel. I am not sure if he was responsible for marking Hernandez or not, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.  Other than that, played very well back there.

Enrique - 8 - Jesus he was a bargain.  He tracked back well and still managed to provide tons of width with Downing (although their understanding was a little off today).  He is just fantastic.  I don't know how he went so under the radar for the whole transfer period.  Best part is that, he is all of 25.

Downing - 8 - Did well to provide width, put in a couple great crosses.  Overall a very good game.  It was good to see him bounce back from a mediocre game. 

Lucas - 6 - A bit subdued by his recent standards.  The early yellow card didn't help. He was solid though and did a good job of protecting the back line while he was in.

Adam - 7 - I thought this was one of his better games in a red jersey.  He wasn't amazing, but he did pretty well to play the holding role when Lucas was subbed.  He also earned the free kick with a great run.  However, I wish he would have stayed on his feet.  I think he was pretty much clean in if he doesn't go down.

Kuyt - 6 - Oh boy I thought for sure he had scored.  He was kinda quiet until then.  Tracked back well.  He and Kelly completely shut down Ashley Young.  I didn't like how much he was creeping into the center of the pitch.  We really had little width down the right.  It was almost Maxi-esque.

Gerrard - 8 - Fantastic.  Great to see him back and it looks like he is coming back in great form.  I thought he did well to run the show in the center, although I would have liked to have seen more link up play with Suarez.  Good goal, although it might have been slightly fortunate that Giggs decided to get scared and move.

Suarez - 7 - Worked very hard, but was very isolated.  Made a couple of great moves.  Should have passed a couple of times, but I like that he is a hungry striker.  Good display overall.  Kept United's back line on it's heels. 


Henderson - 6 - A decent display.  He actually managed to get himself involved in the game for once which is encouraging.  Forced a great save from DeGea, should have scored though.  I am torn.  I think it is worthy of a 7, but he should have put that free header away so 6 it is.  No half points here.


Overall a promising display that I hope they can keep up in the weeks to come.  This is their Achilles though, not putting away games that are there for the taking.  I don't know how you solve it though.  If they play like this week after week though, most of those chances will go in.  Time to drink this one point into three...until I sober up.

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