Man U v Liverpool - Howard Webb needs to go away


The team news just in: Grobbelaar Ablett Hansen Nicol Staunton Barnes Whelan Molby Beardsley Rush Aldridge is the lineup to start against United. Ok, so I'm just being a history buff, since that's the last lineup Kenny used at LFC.

The actual lineup is -

Kenny's first teamsheet Reina, Kelly, Agger, Skrtel, Aurelio, Maxi, Lucas, Meireles, Kuyt, Gerrard, Torres. Subs: PG, DW, CP, RB, SK, JS, DN.

 1st Half thoughts

The chanting of his name!!!!!!!!

"you're not working for Fergie are you?" Dalglish legend!

Listening to this on LFCTV is probably better since Fox soccer has an incredible bias for Man U.

Ah yes, I hate Howard Webb. 1-0 by the diver for Man U.Well Giggs put it in, but Berba caused it.

ugh..... It's Kenny in charge, we're not to have anything bad happen against us.

Can someone injure Berba?

Don't we always go down early with Kelly in the lineup, and then win?


Martin Kelly where have you been all the time? Oh wait, Roy couldn't pick a squad but could pick his nose.

Ok, sign Kenny for the full time job now.

Passing, closing down, and actual positive playing? Wow, Kenny's more in-tune than Roy was.

STevie G sent off. Howard is a horrible ref, and man now. He's given the match to Man U.

This is so unfair. I didn't think that a ref would take the game away so fast from a team. Oh wait, it's Howard Webb.

Wait, what if the Gods are setting up Kenny to come back with 10 men, Howard Webb and win the match? It's football folks, it could happen.

2nd Half

Screw the ref, and the other team.

Kuyt with the Captain arm band.

Torres slouching, brilliant, just what we don't need.

We have no wide players, Rafa and Roy sold them all.

Wait, there are calls for us in the match? wow.

Kelly is amazing.

Shelvey and Babel on.

Babel playing better with Kenny? Still a better tweeter than player.

FABIO good shot!

Reina with three amazing saves. LEGEND!

Oh and a fourth.

Shelvey is EPL quality now

Kenny just took Nando off, good move, now had N'Goal on.

We'd be level if STevie G was on.

Agger shooting! Good job.

Very positive stuff for the club today, if it's not a win, I'm still happy for the future of the club. Going out to a twelve man team is rough, and not having any chance for the FA Cup is harsh, but oh well.

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