What if Kenny Never Left?

I'm probably not the only LFC fan who has thought that since that day in 1991. But now looking back on it, with the added advantage of seeing him manage now after being out of the game for ten years. Makes me wonder, how good could have the club been if he had just taken the rest of that season off? Would Man U have ever had made the 90's theirs?

I know it's all conjecture right now, or is it? He took charge of two teams in the EPL after he left, and did very well. Blackburn and Newcastle wish to have half of everything Liverpool have right now. Heck they'd take Roy over some of their past. He took Blackburn to a title, took Newcastle to second, and beat Barca with Newcastle. IF he had stayed with Liverpool could he have done the same?


I can't reiterate the point too much, he took a club with no history, and a fly by night owner (to a point) with lots of money to the title. He has said that the one player he wanted to bring in but was screwed out of getting was Roy Keane. You think if he was still at Liverpool, had Keane been taken away from him by Fergie? With what Liverpool had, and the modest success Fergie would have had, Kenny would have snagged him. Now I don't know if Keane would have worked in Liverpool with Stan Collymore, or any of the players because of his personality. Would have Zidane have come to Liverpool?

Would have Eric Canatona or Alan Shearer come to Anfield? Well since Kenny was able to pry Shearer off of Southampton for Blackburn, and given the money that was in the game at the time, Kenny could have had him at Liverpool. Then of course we would have had that annoying goal celebration.

I fully expect, or think more importantly that Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler would have left eventually, but not as fast. John Barnes, and Ian Rush would have seen their careers out at the club because of Kenny.


Ok, so we get all of that, what type of silverware haul would we have had? Would we have been look at 30 Titles, 9 Europe Cups, and more 15 FA cups? Probably not that much.


Blackburn would have still happened, Jack Walker would have just found someone else at the time. He may have not gotten Shearer, but there were strikers out there who would have filled the bill. This is hard for me to say, Man U would have probably won two titles.

So where does that leave Kenny and LFC in the nineties?

I say he'd have taken the winning leagues into 94 (consecutively).  Then probably would have won 99, and 2000, then retiring.  So I say another five titles.

Would have won Istanbul, and the Cups that were won in the 90's anyway.

But add one other European Cup, and three more FA's.

That's my view.

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