The Derby From my view

Reina, Kelly, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Meireles, Lucas, Spearing, Maxi, Kuyt, Torres. Subs: Gulacsi, Kyrgiakos, Cole, Aurelio, Shelvey, Pacheco, Babel.

I hate Everton. I got up early this morning thinking that the match was an hour earlier than it was. Great for the coffee people.

Well, because I couldn’t get an internet signal during the match, I only watched it, and it was probably good that I did. I hated that match so much. It shows how far we are and how far we need to come in the league. This is all Rafa and Roy’s fault. Kenny is the type of manager who can win, and he’s turned the fortune of the club around. With Roy this would have been a loss. They wouldn’t have attacked as much as they did under Roy.

I hope each player sans Raul, Reina, and Dirk, are happy with how poorly they are playing. If you can’t play for a club, and a man like Kenny then why play here?

The two goals by Liverpool were good, and it’s also good to see Torres trying. If there is any manager out there who could get Torres back to normal it’s Kenny. I mean afterall, one legendary striker to manage a striker who has the form and abilities if righted back to normal to be a legend. It’s going to take a while with Torres to get him back.

The Introduction of so many youth team players is the right thing to do. Kelly, Spearing, Shelvey are all top flight players, and there’s more in the wings. With Kenny being in charge, it will help our future, and lets be honest, we’re screwed for this year. The most we’ll get out of the year, is mid-table, and no Europe next year. I hope Roy is happy with what he did to the club. Kenny is amazing, but I’m afraid he might have the work cut out for him in this situation.

Don’t get me started on Everton’s two goals, because our defense isn’t of any level in England. It looks like it should be in the MLS. No one can defend, and we need players in. I’d take Warnock back on a loan until the end of the year. Yeah it’s not an ideal situation, but if Kenny can get Villa to pay his wages and we get him, I”m all for that. Then you can see if he’s good enough long term for the squad.

If we don’t get more defenders or use Danny Wilson, another winger, and another Striker, we’re doomed. Now that’s saying a lot, but after this match, Blackpool and Roy’s reign we’re screwed.

But I have faith in Kenny, and NESV.

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