Are We Bi-Polar

I must admit, I did think we were going to beat West Ham, but by three goals without Stevie G? Yeah, not possible. The club isn't as bad as they have shown during the year, and our manager isn't as good as he has shown during some of our wins this. That doesn't excuse our win over West Ham, with their annoying supporters (Well, the only acceptable supporter is Keira Knightley.) and their stupid owners, their annoying goalie, etc. Yeah, add them to the list of teams I hate.

Is there money coming? Will the manager stay? Does John Henry know enough on the sport to make a change? Or is he just going to take it so slow this year that we'll end up getting annoyed with him? Will we keep having this roller coaster type of year? The NESV group isn't known for their massive spending or their waiting on important things. But I'm kind of scared how slowly they are taking to this. Yes there's nothing you can really do at this point in the first part of the season, except FIRE ROY.


Yes I have, as many others, have droned on about firing the manager and giving it to the King. The club isn't what it's supposed to be. I'm afraid if the new owners wait any longer on Roy that the club will become another fading giant and not be able to attract talent anymore. And that's sad.

Is there money for Roy or the next manager to transfer in the next great LFC player? Well with the debts gone and Liverpool being a top club anyway, there has to be. Is there going to be more than what Roy got to transfer in Raul, and Poulsen? I hope so. While Raul has looked amazing this year, and will be getting better as he gets used to the EPL, Poulsen isn't worth it, and should be shipped back out.

Where does this leave LFC? Probably many months of hair pulling, and swearing at the matches, team etc. Plus it gives me many more good posts about the team. Match days will be interesting with all this surrounding us. Now, I don't wish the club to be mired in crap like this, I want the 80's back. (Yes I know that's the problem). And yes I want King back at the manager spot.



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