Fire ROY

How do you lose to Stoke? Yeah they are an EPL team, and yes they are a pretty good club. They however, are below us. Liverpool strives higher than that. But our manager doesn't. He strives for just good enough, or draws. And yes that "revival" may have delayed his firing by a bit. But still HE needs to go. Dividing the dressing room, making players want to leave, and just not being a manager up to our level. HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED.

As I said in the title, his is the Volume 45 of lets fire the manager. It's an easy blog to write nowadays. I'm far from the only LFC fan who has been moaning on about the club. At we can see how rabid the Liverpool faithful are, just ask Hicks. We're the best fans in the world, and we don't need a stupid twitter poll saying we're number one. That's because Liverpool has been, and always will be number one. But...

Keeping Roy will make Liverpool do a mini-Leeds. We won't fall down the table like a drunk at the Christmas party. It will be like so many teams have done, lose our top players, get relegated, and then fire the manager. Oh and the luster will be completely off the club, no top player will come here, and we'll be the famous club whose fans are hated.


Yes, I want him fired. Roy is better suited at a smaller club, his tatics are better suited for a club without strikers or creative midfielders. He's stalling out on clubs like Stoke, Blackpool, and to a lesser extent Birmingham. That's not the tactics that Shanks would have approved of.

Who can we get? Once again read all the previous volumes of Fire Roy. Realistically at this point Rondolfo is a better first team manager than Roy is. Sammy Lee is better (well Sammy is better anyway). I'd take Ian Rush as the top too.

But the one person if he were to take the club, could right the ship really fast, is the King. Kenny would get the players playing the right way, and get players to come in that would PLAY THE FREAKING GAME WELL. It's not on the players anymore. It's Roy's fault.

I'm Stephen and I'm a pissed off Liverpool supporter

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