Roy the next Phil Taylor?


               I’m talking about the Manager at Liverpool before the great Bill Shankly. Yes, this was over 60 years ago at this point, but could we be seeing a three year spell of mediocre football at Anifield? Admittedly we don’t see many managers have the job for three years if they are horrible. And yes, football has changed significantly in the past sixty years.

            But what I’m getting at, is the starts of each managerial reign are eerily similar. Over Phil Taylor’s first ten games, he only won three matches, against Bury, Lecister City,  and Grimsby Town. While Roy has only won against West Brom (I’m not counting Europe, only because Phil didn’t have Europe that year for the club) And yes, we have Europe this year, but it’s the Europa Cup but it’s not where the club needs to be.



            That’s some really bad football for the club. Bury and Grimsby Town aren’t exactly great clubs, at any stretch of their existence. Now that’s not saying they’re horrible clubs, but West Brom has a far better history than those two clubs do. I’m not slighting Bury or Grimsby, but when you want to beat teams, you’re looking for the beating of Manchester Untied, City, Chelsea, and Spuds.




  On the other hand, Roy has much more talent on this team than Phil Taylor, though I’d take Billy Liverpool, err Liddell right now, just to get in the top six. Billy was the only top player who is well known for our club. The rest were pretty decent players, Johnny Wheeler was a avearge to good player. Kind of reminding me of Ryan Babel and some of the other stiffs on our bench. Ok, so I’m being a little harsh on the level of players, but in normal financial times, some of the backups would be gone or in reserves. Like the 1956 team, this team is in the need of another striker, and a more positive tactics.

            Are we on the verge of three bad years of Roy? Probably not, and I


’m the internal optimist. We have a new owner there will be lots of cash splashed for the next group of stars to come to Anfield. 

            Or we could be on the verge of three bad years, and the board was smart not to let King Kenny take the manager seat this time. They might be smart enough to know if they make King look bad, they might as well never step foot where a Liverpool fan lives.

            Either way, fans, Liverpool has seen this before, and bounced back many times. The present may be bleak, and cause you to rip your hair out, but remember this. It’s Liverpool and there isn’t any bigger, better, or speical club in the world. There will be glory days again. We will get our top post back. There will be down games, weeks and injuries, but ROY is bad.

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